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A way to lose trophies to earn medals?

Since the tactic I use in quests and exploration no longer work in the arena, can I just set a weak defense team to get more easily attacked by weaker players so I can revenge and keep my streak, or just lose trophies to get matched with weaker players to keep my streak?
Arena is quite different, maybe I just haven’t adapt to this mode. No more waves so I don’t get to take a breath to heal my dragons and gain spirit and create special tiles when there is only one dragon left in a wave, and the dragons in defense team are boosted, I find it much harder to win in arena. Also, streak means that losing costs more than just one energy and trophies, so I can’t challenge a lot of times to get a good start where I can eliminate 9 purple tiles at the beginning and get a big combo then have Toothless take a shot to prevent enemies from using special abilities immediately then take most of them with other dragons’ special abilities. (That is not something you can experience everyday. That’s how I defeat enemies with two thousand more bp than me in the past.)
Now I have reached a stage where I can’t find an opponent that I am certain I can defeat within six rerolls. Seems really hard to keep my streak.
Some dragons just have super abilities, with similar bp, they are much harder to defeat. If I put one such dragon in my defense team, other players would avoid attacking it because they may lose. So what if I put them in the reinforcement? Although surely attacker can use the first few turns to get a good start more easily, and win more easily, at least the defense team would be attacked, and get medals when defeating dragons in the attack team.
If I can’t get more trophies by defeating others, (I have given up climbing, I get neither trophies nor medals by challenging powerful opponents) why not just go for medals and give up winning trophies? I have claimed the ranking reward I can possibly get, and I have no hope of getting to the top 200. So what harm can losing those trophies be for me?


I hear your pain. You have an interesting idea here and I’d love to see some of the experienced players’ thoughts.

If I keep winning, I will eventually get to a rank where everyone is much stronger than me,and I will have to somehow drop to find opponents I can beat. Losing one attack and losing a defense means losing the same amount of trophies. I want to make full use of my energy, to turn them into medals. When others fail to beat me I get medals but much fewer than winning one can give me. So I would rather lose a defense than lose one attack. And with the losing half trophies at the end of a season rule, if I want more medals, I should ensure I own as few trophies as possible at the end of a season. I just need to reach a top at the middle of the season then I can start dropping.

Just stay off the arena for a few days while setting an extremely low defense team. Pop in once in a while and lose a few by attacking,maybe even win one if you’re lucky. It’s going to take a while but try to lose as many trophies as possible. Its has taken me couple days to lose 200 trophies. After I lose a thousand more I will start playing to win some medals. After losing 200 trophies it already has me facing teams in the low 5000’s instead of 7000’s. I dont know if this approach will totally work out but as of now it is bringing weaker teams to me

Truth of the matter is,since the update I cant beat anyone with a stronger team than me, much less one that I’m equal to. My only choice is to go as low as possible in trophies to try and match up with weaker teams that maybe I can win a few medals from.

I think staying off is not a good idea because I would waste many arena energies. I still need medals. Even if I am not to win I will deliberately lose fights to drop faster.

I dont have the patience to attack everyday and lose 8 outta 10 times. I can do a few though. But yeah you are correct that you will drop sooner if you put more effort into it. I hope this lose to win strategy works out. Cant make things any worse than they are I guess.