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A Way To Shake-up The Game

I’ve been thinking about the issues with the game as it exists today and I’ve indentified four major problems.

  1. Lack of Diversity: same dinos every day in hunting and in pvp.
  2. Lack of Motivation: why should I grind my dinos to simply tread water?
  3. Lack of Choice: if I choose to quit the arena, for example, I lose DBI. I also might not complete my dailies. This is demotivating.
  4. Lack of Story-telling: really? What are we doing here? Are we saving the dinosaurs or battling them? It’s not very cohesive.

I’ve expanded on that last point, and come-up with a possible proposal that would change the game fairly drastically. Many on this Forum have been asking for such a thing with very varied suggestions, but one problem plagues this: how to change the game that is

  1. simple
  2. effective
  3. not a server-drain
  4. reduces the opportunity for new bugs

I think I have come-up with such an idea.

The Proposal
One word: Allegiances
Okay, so in the movies, there are four primary groups: DPG, InGEN, Biosyn and ExtinctionNow. Each group has different motives and goals, and all of these could play into the gameplay.
Now, here’s how to make it simple: at the beginning of every season (month) you are approached by Claire Dearing, Henry Wu, Lewis Dodgson and Ian Malcolm to appeal to you to join their allegiance. Once you choose one, this will change what your daily rewards will be. DPG might be collection acheivements. InGen might be fusion. Biosyn would be battles. EN would be takedowns? (This one needs some development.) And your daily achievements would reflect those goals.

But how would this shake-up the meta? If Biosyn had an achievement such as “Win A PvP Battle With Only Fierce Creatures,” people would have to rethink their teams. (We would also need more Fierce creatures in upper arenas… hint, hint) And since I’m trying to get Ludia’s attention: think of how many boosts this would sell…

Obviously, this plan needs some fleshing-out, and I welcome a discussion on unintended consequences. (Arena dropping to satisfy daily acheivements.) I think there may be some merit to this though. What do you guys think?


This sounds fantastic!

So those who love to collect dna would be in one allegiance, those who love to battle pvp another, raiding another and perhaps those who like building their roster another.


And you can choose a different allegiance at the beginning of every month? You would be able to “freshen up” your own game each month with new daily missions :+1::+1:


Precisely. Maybe one month, I’d like to hit PvP hard. Then I fatigue of it and decide to only dart. There’s a lot of potential in the idea, but there are enough smart people on this forums to help develop this into an idea that would help both Ludia and the player-base.


excellent idea!



And yes I did just create this due to you posting this haha

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Yes, this sounds like the most perfect idea!

Sounds like a great plan. I would support pretty much anything to change up where this game is currently, especially with the lack of diversity in the arena.


I really like this Allegiance Idea, especially given the extra companies. I would also suggest Mantah Corp, but (A) I’m not sure what their allegiance would be about (maybe raids?) and (B) They aren’t too important? I’m not sure what EN is about, anyway, so I don’t really know.

This seems to be a fairly popular proposal so far. I want to hear from dissenters so we can fine tune it. The more info we have, the more likely we can get a response if @Ned or other mods were to pass the suggestion along.

I can definitely pass this along. :slight_smile: Thank you, Acerglyn.


Split PvP into the two allegiances maybe? Or would EN also be PvP? This is why I want to bounce the idea off of a number of people.

[Edit]PvP is also tournaments BTW, and let’s not forget about strike towers, raids, etc.
One could be about PvP, one could be about takedowns, etc.
For example:
Biosyn: PvP/Tournaments
Mantah Corp: Raids
ExNow: Takedowns/Battle #s

Honestly really like the idea.

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ExNow sounds like it’d be takedowns, given the whole “extinction” thing.

Mantah Corp being raids could be related to their whole thing of collecting samples (you get quite a bit of DNA out of raid-incs).

BioSyn would kind of have to be battles since that’s really the only major thing left.

DPG and InGen are kind of auto-locked as collecting and fusions respectively. The DPG might end up being more of an early-game allegiance, in that regard, with InGen being a midgame one and then BioSyn, ExNow or MC being later game ones.

In terms of missions, it’d be something like this:

  • ExNow would give you larger coin and hc rewards based on your takedowns and DBI counts. Smaller ones would be given for strike towers.

Another part might be a few achievements where you take down creatures that are of a higher level/rarity than the one you’re fighting them with.

  • Mantah Corp would give hc and dart rewards based on the number of raids you do. HC ties in with their thing of being able to give ludicrous sums of money to their informants and more darts would let you get mor samples for more HC (flavor-wise, anyway, not actually in-game because MC relies on raids).

  • BioSyn being battles is… still feeling a bit awkward to me, but it might be higher DNA and coin rewards based on the variety of creatures you use on your team (class/rarity requirements like: “You used X Unique creatures on your team for X battles” or something)?

  • DPG would probably give coin and dart rewards based on the number of creatures you have in your collection or what kinds (this one would probably be based on time periods (cenozoic/mesozoic/pre-dinosaurus) of your creatures as well as the rarity).

Coin would allow you to level up more creatures and darts would allow you to get more DNA for more creatures.

  • InGen would most likely give hefty DNA rewards based on the rarity of creatures you end up fusing together, with some sprinkles of coin and HC rewards as a little bonus.

I’d also recommend a slight change to the Local System, so that the dinosaurs within each local end up switching around, as opposed to the locals themselves.

For example: Local 1 might have Mono Gen 2 one month but then something like Eremotherium would take its place in the next one.

That way darting would be more varied to fit in with the Company Allegiance thing. Nests would still be thing, however, and might be expanded a bit to compensate.


I can’t begin to say how much I like this idea because it opens up the possibility to feel like you can do more of what makes you happy within the game, while still making a good contribution to your alliance.

I know the current system of defence and exploration is cool, but this takes it a stage further and encourages more players to do more of what they actually enjoy.

With a crap month on pvp rewards on offer and an alliance championship that is offering more crap I would choose to fuse or collect this month. Last month I would have gone for pvp so I really hope this idea can be implemented at some point.


Fantastic idea.


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I’m not really creative for big potential updates like this, but I can see from a distance that it’s a hell of a good idea. What I like to do most are new hybrids and skills, so here’s my best creation:

And again, congratulations. It’s a great idea.

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Exactly the type of brainstorming I was hoping for.
Now, here’s where the story-telling starts to go down a rabbit-hole: who was Eli Mills working for? And what are the intentions of the shadow-companies? It seems that either Biosyn or Mantah Corp might have intentions in using the creatures for warfare. If that’s the case, the organization in question (my guess is Mantah Corp) would be better suited to the PvP objectives. Whereas the other (Biosyn?) would make more sense for raids.


I suppose we’ll be able to look into this better once Dominion comes out.

Perhaps it would be prudent to limit things to ExNow, InGEN and DPG until Dominion. :thinking:
That is, assuming this idea could be implemented that quickly. As it is, it’d probably be six months until this could even see being in the game.