A way to spice up the fierce

So its no doubt that the fierce class is the most usless class in the game. compared to resilient and cunning abilites fierce strike really lacks a lot of extra things to it. I want to propose a new fierce strike move that I do not think is broken. It adds 20% DoT which helps to take out big tanks, but it can be cleansed by cunnings. Realistically no one is walking away without a blood loss from a T.rex bite. Next is 30%added crit chance. This is a bit unnecessary but I like this idea. It can mean a higher damage output the tanky resilients but it can be removed by cunnings. Next is swap prevention. I feel like this is a good addition because it allows for some revenge kill opportunities to the battle arena.

This would also be the same for impact and rampage moves.


I’d say that the bleed is unnecessary on this move but other than that it looks great and would help a lot the fierce class.


If Fierce moves got changed, I feel like just Swap Prevent would make the most sense rather than two negative effects and a positive effect.

I’llsuggest this. Group Critical Fierce Rampage.