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A Whale's Blow


I am what you would call a whale, a rather zealous one I might add. I never mind paying for games and in-game contents, as long as I get the enjoyment in return. I’d also like to think that it takes paying customers to keep a good game alive and thriving. That said, I also play some games without spending a cent and I think that most mobile games should at least be playable without forcing players to spend much, especially those children oriented games.

I like the “How to Train Your Dragon” IP a lot and just took my daughter to the movie last night. We’ve also watched most of the TV series together. The story and animation are great, one of the best cartoon series I’ve ever seen. I was genuinely excited to download and play this game, and was willing to spend a reasonable amount of money. What happened next was far from what I had imagined.

The game started out great, all dragons are crafted with great attention to details, the music really brings players into the scenery, and the battles are fun. A couple of days into it, the game starts to slow down. The wait time between energy recharge is very long, and game progress stalls. After buying a few of those “level-up special package deals” the situation improves, but that’s until the sudden increase in battle difficulty hits. Once in a while there would be a level with four waves of enemy foes and most of them have AOE moves. Since enemy foes charge their AOE moves much faster than player dragons (I doubt they differentiate between very fast and very slow moves that much, it always seems to be 10% per turn plus 10% per tile hit), these levels would be almost impossible to beat unless one spends 100 runes to revive the team midway through the battle, or perhaps have 500-1000 bp advantage over the enemy roster. While this is already getting annoying, the “level-up special package deals” also stops at lv 24 or so, meaning if one wants to buy fish, coin, or draw dragons, the only way would be to directly purchase runes, which are significantly more expensive than the package deals. Even then the game still plateaus because the quests become significantly more difficult and it will take months until enough dragon scales and duplicate copies of those epic or legendary dragons are collected so the roster can be trained further. In these months, the only “fun” thing to do is to keep doing the repeatable quests. It’s nothing short of a torture. There is no enjoyment or much of any reward in this repetitive process.

Now the Light Fury Event. I think it is safe to conclude at this point that Ludia NEVER had the intention of having ANYONE gain the full trust of Light Fury during this event. This is based on the math of a play with a 4900 bp roster who is willing to reset the challenge three times a day until now. Five days and 8k runes into the challenge I’m 364/1000 on trust point. This means that for most players who are not as mental as me, the most points possible would be about 20 a day, and it will take two months until the full trust of Light Fury can be gained, and for crazy people like me, well, I just feel insulted because again there was never a warning from Ludia saying “Hey, this is a freaking black hole, think twice before you jump”. Instead, the message from their campaign was more like “come and get your Light Fury, it will be fun”.

As a whale, I’m disappointed and angry because I feel deceived and insulted. As a player, I’m heartbroken because Ludia completely screwed up a game with huge potential, based on an outstanding IP.

This was a whale’s blow.

Pics of my roster and stats coming right up.


Wow 0 runes into event and you’re between 3 and 4 times my trust points. 8000 is a lot for not being further. Shows that this event is a rune suck


It is. That’s why I feel it’s a blatant insult. It becomes prohibitively expensive to reset the challenge and one would only be about 25 trust point ahead for every reset.


I find it crazy they haven’t acknowledged us. No sorry or when the event will happen again. It’s hard to find reasons to play this game.


Hey everyone, I can understand your concern regarding the cost of unlocking Light Fury but rest assured that there will definitely be more opportunities to earn Trust Points in the future, and any Trust Points that you have already earned will be carried over from event to event. Additionally, Light Fury will remain accessible from your Roster once you have obtained Trust Points so you can still interact with her.


Hi John,

Thank you for your reply, though your reply gave no new information. Furthermore, this doesn’t solve the fact that after over $150 invested in the event I feel like giving up the game altogether. Let me summarize what I’ve observed about how this event is treating paying players as fools:

  1. The cost of resetting the challenge increases at a unreasonable pace.
  2. The cost of resetting the challenge does not reset daily, and the first reset everyday seems to cost the same as the last reset from the previous day, meaning if a player resets the challenge five times on the first day, it will cost significantly more for him to reset the challenge the following days, whereas if a player resets the challenge once everyday, the reset cost will be low for the following days, assuming that only one manual reset is used daily. This puts players who pay upfront at a huge disadvantage.
  3. Based on the math of point #2, with the same roster of roughly 4000bp, a player paying nothing would get about 200 trust points in 10 days. On the other hand a player paying about 10k runes (most of which in the first a few days in resetting the challenge) would get about 500 trust points in 10 days, which means the marginal cost of runes/trust point is over 300runes/tp, or $4/trust point, and the marginal cost will only go up as more manual resets are used. Either this was severely miscalculated on the development team’s part, or Ludia doesn’t want anyone to get the Light Fury at all, or worst yet, Ludia expects players to spend an astronomical amount of money on the event.
  4. If the average player could gain 200 trust point over 10 days (this is optimistic to start with), it will take a whopping 50 days, or 5x10 day events to get the Light Fury. Assuming this event occurs once every month, which I doubt it will, five months of active playing is required to acquire the dragon. How long does the development team think that the “cool factor” of Light Fury will remain there after the movie is out? Again, I think this is a serious miscalculation on the dev team’s part.

All in all, the at best miscalculated designs compounded with the lack of constructive feedback from the dev team has been nothing short of a devastating disappointment, and then again, I’m VERY confident that I am far from being alone when I say this.



Thank you for expanding on your previous message and adding detailed feedback, @Jing_Peng. We will be escalating your thoughts and concerns to our development team so that they can take them into account moving forward. Our team is actively working to create a timeline of events for all our players to enjoy, but I am currently unable to give any additional information regarding this.


@Jing_Peng I don’t think it’s suppose to be easy to get this time around and that is why the event will be coming back. 4000bp? That’s low. Seems to me you guys just want free stuff. Ludia is making this event possible for f2ps. You guys are just impatient. If you could complete every battle every day, it would take two events. I would say that’s reasonable. Plz let them focus on arena so we can make this more competitive.


To put things into perspective, the last stage of the challenge consists of facing a foe roster of 7800 or so bp, the second last stage is 7200 bp, the third last stage is 6120 bp. Let’s just use 7200 bp as a reference. If a player is to build a roster with 7200bp, the average bp per dragon needs to be 1440, The average maxed out four star dragons have bp around 1250-1300, in other words you’ll need at least a fully maxed out four star roster to get through the 7200 bp foe team. This involves not only grinding for all the one and two star dragon scales, but also to get at least 3 copies of the same four star dragons times 5 dragons for training purpose, plus all the resources required for levelling up, which in the grand scheme of things is pretty close to impossible (even for a whale it would take two to three months, for the average player it would basically be forever). Even getting through the 6120 stage requires a close to maxed out team of four star dragons, so I don’t think their design is reasonable at all.

The development team should be able to do a fairly easy data analysis in the background to get the average bp of active players’ rosters, and design the level of difficulty of events around that, instead of randomly throwing out challenges that are completely out of touch.

What’s the point of events like this if players expects to gain enjoyment but instead gained disappointment?


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Actually, you only need 2 copies for 4* and 5*, and one for 3*. For the 3* and 4* you only need them to train to 3* and above. For the 5*, you only need it for 4* and 5* training.

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@LightFury You are correct, only three copies of the same four star dragon is required, and by 3 copies I mean including the one in the roster already. I’ll correct my post. Thank you.

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