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A word from the Mods [Nov 5th, 2019]

A glance at our forums would reveal an angry, ugly, and toxic environment. What we want, and we hope all of you agree, is an inviting and stimulating environment where people can share their thoughts, feelings, and of course, opinions. Not everything needs to be happy, not everyone needs to agree with each other or the direction in which a game is going, but I hope we can all acknowledge that the current state of affairs is untenable.

We do not want to censor anyone, that’s not what this about.

We, the mods, are going to do our part in the following ways.

  • If we edit your post, we will DM you to explain why
  • If we ban you, you’ll receive an email explaining why
  • If we close a topic, the reason will be added to the post
  • Tell you when we pass along topic links to the developers

Alternatively, we won’t do the following.

  • Tell you about other peoples bans or publicly shame someone for breaking a rule
  • Argue semantics
  • Promise Dev replies or force Dev replies
  • Follow up with developers after passing along a topic link

With these changes in mind, how can we the mods help? There are some hard-lines we can’t be flexible about, but we’d like to hear your ideas on ways we could help change the culture on the forums.


Thank you and I’m so glad to see this dialogue happening on a few different threads. While all of these bullet points are helpful, clear and fair, there is an underlining negative tone to the.
Perhaps we can think of some positive steps mods and community could take to make this forum less “angry, ugly, toxic”.

For me, I can pledge to be civil and considerate with my post. I’ll be open to others’ views and acknowledge sometimes people get upset.

Of course the overriding theme for many in the threads is the need for open communication that is 2 -way between the forum community and Ludia. This requires all parties involved but im afraid without that dialogue from Ludia, it’s an uphill battle.

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A fair point about my tone, and I hear your concern about Ludia’s involvement with you guys. Unfortunately, we can’t speak for the Developers.


No of course Not, let me clarify that when I say Forum community, I mean mods and users.

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There’s one mod in particular that I have a problem with. They ban people for the tiniest thing. I got a warning for typing 2 sentences in all caps yesterday and then asked the mod if they were that bored. Then I edited my post and was banned for arguing with a mod. That’s a ridiculous use of power and I’m not ok with it.


I understand that I’m abrasive and polarizing, but I don’t think a simple joke question deserves a ban.

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I have one suggestion you can do to help.

Have all mods join the Moderators group. That way we can all see official information made by mods posted. Some mods who post aren’t in this group, so if you try to filter posts, those are not available (ex: Ned’s posts)

I want to read the forums so I don’t miss any announcements, but hate to have to wade through tons of random people giving their opinions just to find some official information.

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I’ve never had a personal issue with the moderators, and I feel for them taking the brunt of player anger.
That said, I believe this is an 18+ forum. I may be a few years off, but I remember reading that in the sign up terms.
I think some mods get overzealous in defining the rules. I get that it was a lot of angered players and they were trying to control the mob, but when they remove posts “for foul language” when none was actually used, it borders on censorship.
I understand what they were trying to do, I wouldn’t want to be part of that, but there was a point I think it contributed to player anger.
We’re all adults, I believe the rules state no children.
I believe toning down the bans and removed posts would be a positive step. I can’t believe what I got warnings for. It was ridiculous.

It’s right in line with telling a woman she needs to calm down. The success rate of that statement borders on zero.

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Thank you, I think this will help a ton, I greatly appreciate this!

I really like the messaging when a topic gets edited because my topics get edited all the time! My “ Dear Ludia Developers & Management " thread got edited twice and I’ve no clue why.

For myself, I feel somewhat deflated when I read that you won’t follow up stuff you pass up to the devs.
Surely you must realise that Jessica’s open letter was looking to open up some kind of discourse between the players and the makers of the game.

You guys are primarily here to ensure the forum doesn’t become too toxic, and to moderate us. I get that. But you are also our only route to get our thoughts to the people that can make a difference.
If you are saying that you won’t follow them up, and thus we won’t get any responses, I can’t help wondering why we would bother in the first place. It is this lack of communication that causes so much consternation amongst us.

I’m not suggesting that every single suggestion should be taken to the devs and an answer from them be forthcoming. But when there is a clear majority of people wanting an answer to a legitimate concern, why can’t we have one?

What a shame that a genuine offer from the heart like the open letter, and a willingness from the community to try and be less hostile is unlikely to make any difference at all.


you guys focus on the wrong things. your definition of trolling is to loose. and you’re biased towards certain people and situations.

your devs break stuff on a Friday and then all of you leave for the weekend and let things stew… no wonder this place has gotten to this point.


That all sounds fair enough, mods. It isn’t your place to follow up anything with the devs, frankly they should be visiting the forums incognito to get an idea of feedback as it is.

All you mods do a great job, as far as I’m concerned. But then I’ve not been banned yet. :wink:

I’ve never had a real issue with any of the mods. They seem to answer, help, and get involved with the game talk. Even strike tower talk or dino level stuff. My post has been edited and deleted by a mod I wasn’t that familiar with but I just laughed about it. I guess I can’t quote that post, it was a little bit much xD

I have one mod that I always go to for help lol slide through there dm occasionally. They know who.

I’m sure you all do what you can relaying topics, ideas, and complaints. But the question is will they be responded to by ‘them’. I’m not talking little things. I mean where there is a mishap where its bound to tick so many off. Let’s just use…removing tenontorex darting from what was already scheduled.

I think in a case like that the dev’s or higher ups need to get on here and interact. See what the best solution can be. Settle it move on. Not remove it and let the players soak it in for awhile. The aggravation builds and each mistake piles on it, if you do not clear the air properly…

I’m actually pretty chill and cool I think, game is not in such a bad state imo. Main issue for me… op mascots and park scents not working. I don’t hate the dev’s though, and love the game. There’s just some things you need to clear up and steer away from the follow the carrot dinos.

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If it isn’t their place to follow things up with the devs, whose place is it to do so then?

There’s no one else I know of :thinking:


I have had the exact same experience. I have been banned 3 times now and formally disagree with all 3 occurrences. That said, my last ban appeal may have been part of the constructive feedback that caused this post to be written in this manner.

How else can the mods help? Well, to us you are the only way to reach the devs and all we want is information. If something is passed to the devs, please do a follow up. Often things get passed on and then you don’t hear about it for a year.


At first I thought, finally!
Then I read this

Only thing I can say now is, Nevermind.


A message to J.CModerator

My late father before he passed away always taught me that * communication / co-operation * is a 2 way street to get communication / co-operation one must first give it to get it in return.!.
If there is no return of information then how can players / members of these forums be expected to actually get through to the game dev’s or the actual company that produced the game in the first place if it ( the parent company or game dev’s ) either do not reply or just sit back relaxing and hoping the problem will go away if they ignore any inquirer’s questions at all.?. this to me is not sound or good business practice in any way, shape or form at any time regardless of how annoyed / angry / frustrated the parent company / game dev’s are due to the constant barrage of questions / queries from players of the game they have released or manufactured.?.
Unfortunately because of recent events where both company / game dev’s / and players alike are screaming for blood it has rapidly dwindled into an all out war with company vs players making as you put it a * TOXIC environment all round … true.?.
All the players of the game are asking is for some more co-operation from both the parent company / game dev’s instead of leaving us ( the players of the game ) banging our collective heads against the wall day after day week after week because we all feel we are just not getting anywhere towards resolving current issues of we feel that we are being ignored either due to unforeseeable circumstances or the feeling our attempts at trying to communicate with both company and game dev’s are simply ignored through whatever reason is causing the problem in the first place.
yes we all know that sometimes it gets to be a heavy burden when a veritable plague of bugs / problems suddenly besiege the game making players already more vocal than they have been lately.
Can both the company and game dev’s at least admit there has been a lack of direct communication from the game dev’s & company in general lately leading to players becoming extremely vocal so much to the point of being abusive and doing to the company and game dev’s what we all feel has been done to us .!. ( violence begets violence, anger begets anger and so on and so on etc etc … well i hope you get the meaning of what i am saying / asking …
Can we please have some more open and direct communication from the game dev’s and company where the concerns of all can be addressed openly and without antagonistic verbal demands from either party to hopefully resolve this current issue(s) and get back to playing the game properly without any more screams or veiled threats of banning without reason or players being openly verbal towards the company and its employees in general… true .?. :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:


Its likely not. Moderators are hired to try and ensure the forums are pleasant places to come. They aren’t liaisons between the players and the company, although there will usually be some feedback of the main trends. Generally, the mods aren’t even employed by the company whose website they are modding (tho I have no inside info on how this particular page is run).

I agree that there is a problem with communicating with Ludia, but that is Ludia’s problem not the mods. They do more than most, I fancy.

One other thing that inspires ire in forum members:

I get that identical threads can be merged for simplicity and cleanliness.

Similar threads get merged when they probably shouldn’t be.

Nothing says we don’t want to hear from you when your… YOUR… 5 post thread that actually deals with YOUR specific problem is merged into a similar thread.

So what if we get 20 similar posts? They will get washed out in a week. When you merge someone’s post into a 400 post thread, you are effectively silencing them. That action can be infuriating to the forum member and should have a little better oversight and thought rather than dumping everyone’s concerns into the bin of cacophonous roar to be lost amongst the crowd.

Thank you for listening.

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I know a lot of people are disappointed that the mods can’t be go-betweens, but honestly, we spend a lot of time just trying to keep the forums running. We don’t have time to follow up on everything we forward cause you guys (generally speaking) do keep us pretty busy.

Often we do merge threads that are similar so that it’s easier for the developers to see all the different opinions or causes of an issue. We don’t do it to silence folk or bury an issue. Sending one link to the development teams makes them more likely to read it; send them 7+ in some cases, and they will stop after the second link.

We’ve gone ahead and done this! Thanks for the suggestion.

I can safely say they do read the forums incognito a lot.

That statement seems to sum up everyone’s desire for more communication — an ongoing conversation with the mods, community managers, and developers. Still, I can’t make any promises it will come to pass.

I am just a forums mod at the end of the day, but I do want you guys to enjoy coming here and interacting with each other.