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A word from the Mods [Nov 5th, 2019]

Why ban us for being upset none of us are happy with this game any more don’t you get that yet I spent 700 dollars on this game just to be ignored and to have my boosts taken off me and then given back just a few ludia had destroyed this game and no one is happy so why be positive when there is nothing to be positive about

Probably a manager who doesnt play the game…

The devs and the mods should talk but I believe its actually the comms team if they exist that should.follow up. Mods are for the forums. The comms team is for all.

But I am but a.lowly tutor who knows nothing.

Do you ever wonder, why we are keeping you busy?

I have always tried to follow the rules of this forum, yet a few days ago one of my posts was flagged and edited by a mod. To top it off, even though the automated message I received said " You can edit your post after 10 minutes, and it will be automatically unhidden., that is NOT the case! I am not able to edit it.

Why was it flagged, you ask? Because I used the word “tweaker” to describe someone attempting to steal my phone out of my hand. Somebody actually tried to grab my phone out of my hand once, but I was to quick for them and had a firm grip on my phone.

I had no idea that using the word “tweaker” is a rule violation. Even more puzzling is why enough people flagged that post to cause it to be locked down so that I can’t even make it right? That incident turned me off so much that I avoided the forums until today, and I’m still reluctant to be very active here anymore.

The only post of mine that was ever deleted was deleted for being “off topic”. I still don’t think that it was but was afraid to explain why to the moderator because I was afraid I would get banned for “arguing”.

I think we should be allowed to politely disagree with a moderator without having to fear a ban.