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A word from the Mods [Nov 5th, 2019]

Why ban us for being upset none of us are happy with this game any more don’t you get that yet I spent 700 dollars on this game just to be ignored and to have my boosts taken off me and then given back just a few ludia had destroyed this game and no one is happy so why be positive when there is nothing to be positive about

Probably a manager who doesnt play the game…

The devs and the mods should talk but I believe its actually the comms team if they exist that should.follow up. Mods are for the forums. The comms team is for all.

But I am but a.lowly tutor who knows nothing.

Do you ever wonder, why we are keeping you busy?

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I have always tried to follow the rules of this forum, yet a few days ago one of my posts was flagged and edited by a mod. To top it off, even though the automated message I received said " You can edit your post after 10 minutes, and it will be automatically unhidden., that is NOT the case! I am not able to edit it.

Why was it flagged, you ask? Because I used the word “tweaker” to describe someone attempting to steal my phone out of my hand. Somebody actually tried to grab my phone out of my hand once, but I was to quick for them and had a firm grip on my phone.

I had no idea that using the word “tweaker” is a rule violation. Even more puzzling is why enough people flagged that post to cause it to be locked down so that I can’t even make it right? That incident turned me off so much that I avoided the forums until today, and I’m still reluctant to be very active here anymore.

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The only post of mine that was ever deleted was deleted for being “off topic”. I still don’t think that it was but was afraid to explain why to the moderator because I didn’t want to get banned for “arguing”.

I think we should be allowed to politely disagree with a moderator without having to fear a ban.

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What’s untenable is the non stop unethical bait and switch sales tactics

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Being a leader a the resistance in all, I will do a sin. All you guys do, has made some, some significant changes that help this forum, heck, I broke a rule, you didn’t tell people, I put all the blame on me, thank you. Thank you all for your work, and maybe our resistances can form a alliance together. May you dreams lead you to great places.:grin:

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First let me say we do have some good people on here that offer opinions that differ from my own. And though constructive feedback and non aggressive replies have given me a better understanding of their perspective and at times even changed my views on the subject matter. Sadly these are not the members that are quickest to reply. If I see a complaint topic that I don’t agree with I most often just ignore it. I see no reason to take personal offence about the complaint, reply negativity towards the person complaining, harass the person complaining, direct personal degrading remarks or “passively” insult them with seemingly indirect comments. Any of these negative personal comments need to be removed ASAP. We need constructive criticism not an army of people ready to degrade and insult each other. Having to defend your ideas is one thing. Defending yourself against negative comments and assumptions from an angry mob is another.

Of course people are angry. It’s extremely dissapointing and makes me enormeously angry like when I lose 4 or 5 battles in a row, due to some incredible and absurd pairing with oponents many levels above mine. I hate you for all the angerness that you make us suffer.
You see people cheating and don’t take appropiate actions. You are only interested on people continuing buying and buying. Do you think we don’t see that. Skimming the cow as much as possible. Very poor if you ask me, very poor.

A forum is a place to exchange thoughts, but it seems like every negative comment is deleted under some general garbage like ‘inappropriate’ or ‘trolling’. My suggestion is that you actually allow us to communicate on these forums.

Same here. Most of the comments are plain garbage, and what they say is hurtful to the moderators and developers. I want a happy, inviting community, without toxic garbage everywhere.


Imagine your post being moderated for using the word “noob” [rude message] in a gaming forum without even adressing a specific person but speaking generally.