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A worrying prediction... The Rat reign

So, our good old Rat is finally getting a superhybrid… And won’t be able to regenerate anymore. Though this sounds good, it will get a Cleansing move so it will still be able to swap out after one turn anyway. And since its getting more HP, its chance of swapping in and out will be almost guaranteed now… Plus, it lost two “one shoters”: Thor and Utasino… Plus, it will get more damage and more speed… Plus it doesn’t need many boosts to be useful… Plus it will be immune to pinning!! Also, the superhybrid (which we shall be calling SuperRat!) will apparently have the same strategies, and it will certainly be stronger!

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, I predict the Rat infestation will be back at full throttle and probably worse than ever, since we can have two!

Prove me wrong! (seriously, please do)


Are you forgetting about Dracorex Gen 2? Imagine the play: start with high damage dealer. Then swap in Dracorat. Cleanse, survive a hit, swap in Super Rat. Cleanse, swap in Dracorex Gen 2. Dracorex Gen 2 gets killed, bring out the high damage dealer again. Swap in Dracorat or Super Rat.


I said prove me wrong, not make it worse!!


At least the damage it takes stays, so there won’t be a regen at all. It will be more risky to swap it in a lot. Things with on escape abilities can keep it somewhat in check. And things with counters like spinocon’s will do massive damage to it if it tries to swap in on them. (34% plus a potential 2K rampage will almost kill it)

It’s a really lame strategy that doesn’t require critical thinking and slows down battles. I’m sure there will be tons of players that boost the crap out of it and yes, people will begin to hate the new unique as much or more than Draco.

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Can’t outspeed a tryko now once swapped in

Also we still have erlidom, spxs, and constrictor to counter it a bit

Also I think Monolorhino will be a good counter to it swapping in

At least it’s a unique…

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Yes, the easiest unique to create, but however an unique

Can’t outspeed Tryko? The rat is faster and Tryko keeps the same speed. Also, a level 30 Rat will be dealing more than 3k damage on a Tryko with a few boosts (oh yeah, forgot to mention it will have a shield breaking move)… Some will probably get to 4k damage with Fierce Impact… Not only the Rat is a problem even to Tryko, it might BEAT Tryko 1 on 1 now!

And about Erlido, Spyx and everything else, the main Rat “strategy” is just being able to swap in to finish a crerature, hit the next one once and swap out to a creature that is already weak. Absolutely nothing will stop that now except a really really strong crit on first turn

Every time it hits it gets slowed and now it can’t regenerate plus tryko now has slowing impact turn one

Forgot about the slowing. Still, it can cleanse and swap out anyway

Nope since cleanse is an impact trykos counter will make it slower anyway

So basically once that rat swaps in on that tryko it’s kinda dead :skull: Either turn one or two. And now thanks to tryko have it 3 damage moves it will always put the hurt on it

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But it swaps out if it wants, that’s the main thing… Cause a Tryko won’t take it down on first turn unless it crits on the Impact and the counter (with 20% chance now)…

Also no draco is the one that can break shields now, superat gets cunning moves

True but that kinda dumb to swap out them on turn two cause it just leaves tryko with a big hit for free

Swap back to something that’s almost dead. That’s the heart and soul of rat “strategy”

True but if it swaps in again unless it leaves that tryko close to dead it’s done for and now it won’t have health gained just what ever is left over from the previous fight

And that lost of regen and speed up also changes a lot of things. Sure it can cleanse and run but it will be say weaker and easier to deal with now since you know it’s low and probably predict when it’s gonna swap. And speed up mean that no longer can just be like aww your faster …whoops. The biggest problem with the rat wasn’t really the infinite swap possibilities ( lots of creatures have that the ceratopsians, thyla, nemys) it was there were no consequences for it but now there is. Sure non armored creatures will take a hit but most won’t