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A year has passed


…since I began playing. Actually it’s a year on the 15th, and it isn’t there yet. I remember starting out so happy, and still am. But I never imagined I would have the awesome team I have today. I just unlocked tryko, the final member of my endgame team. Now I just have to get them to level 30!


Grats, I should have him tomorrow.

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Love how u say u only have to lvl ur entire team up to lvl 30. Like if that‘s an easy thing done nearby. :joy::joy:




IKR lol maybe 65 million years from now


Update: this is my team now :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


When did this game come out? Has it even been out a year yet?


@Verticalabama it was released in Canada a year ago


It released worldwide on May 23-24. I joined maybe a day or 2 after that.