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A Year of Joy and Sorrow : JWTG Progress

It’s been around a year since I started playing JWTG and this time not for just a few days or weeks like I did in 2015.

Around February 2020, I saw the news of Jurassic Park Builder shutting down. I reluctantly joined JWTG since it was the closest living relative of the former. What I did not expect was I would stick to this Game and take it with me through 2020 to 2021.

Notes :

  • This is a Post-Reshuffle account.
  • VIP Subscription is active since mid 2020.
  • No real money spent outside the Subscription.


Yes, here it is. Please welcome, the 8 Indoraptor Regiment.

Before you think that I have very weak Amphibians, then here is the answer. I would not have progressed this far had my main goal not been 100% JWTG-related.

In the coming months, I will have to play JWTG less and less than usual. I will have to skip a lot of PvE, but Tournaments I can play if it is just 2 hours a day on the Tournament days. Even when I had 3 Indoraptors, I could get 1000+ on the First Run and 1500+ Secured Finish on the Second.

Thus, I have some confidence of Tournaments. I’ll worry about PvE later, maybe after the coming months are over. Because just for PvE which I can’t play during that time anyway, I don’t want to spend too much time with Tournaments either.

I know I have very less of Amphibians and Herbivores (and kind of Pterosaurs too). My approach is different from the usual one, I first made very strong creatures and then made the rest catch up to them. You might be a little hesitant about this approach, but I will confidently say that it works.

Speaking of approach, there is no incorrect or correct approach as such. Only if you do not follow the Forum guidance of unbalance and depth without a plan to fill in the holes fast, it is not a very good approach. This brings me to my next point.

The term “Indoraptor Unbalance” is not as scary as it seems. Believe me, I have practically seen this many times. Used properly, Indoraptors in your team can be the greatest help you could ask for. But use them the wrong way, and you’ll never see anything worse than them for your game.

While we’re at it, I would also like to say that once you get to a particular point in this game, you wouldn’t even feel the need of the Base Unlocks without any events yet unless for collector’s purposes. I didn’t believe this when this was told to me around a year back, but now I see the truth behind it.

Thank you! :smiley:


Congrats on your journey hope to see many more progression posts from you.


Thanks Krabbypatty. :smiley:

(By the way, nice Budgie pfp)

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A job nicely done, bravo Fury. I just now can tell the importance of being a VIP since seeing that your reboot on the game and mine were pretty similar. We both have been playing for a year but I became a VIP about 6 months later than you. And it looks like it surely made a difference. Sure did as an another reason, my joining to the forums being quite lately. I could have learned a lot of stuff much previously. All together, my current line up basically has a limit up to that lvl 20 IRex of yours, and below can be considered as similar besides me having a large quantity than you have there. Maybe in the future, I start fusing up some lads in my squad same as you did. But for now, I am pretty satisfied with the end products of my whole line up by seeing I can deal with the tourneys and the hectic PvE schedule at the same time quite easy, without missing anything and most of the time in a single run. Large numbers provide me a comfort zone, and tbh I do not want to quit that circle for a while. I am in a stage which can be described as a “cocoon”, saving up large quantities of DNA and other sources, preparing for an outburst creating new addings to my line up. But it sure will take a while. However I am glad for you and your beautiful achievement there. I will pull my foot off the gas pedal for a bit. See you on the edge later on. Well done bro. :wink::clap::clap::clap:


Thank you so much @Cagkan_Coskun :smiley:


It’s been a whole year man, wow. Time passes so veloci fast.


Remembering my lonely lvl 4 park with a single or two expansions back then. My only buddy was a Trike. I’m gonna cry if I continue. :pleading_face:


Thanks, good to know people still know what budgies are ( I have 4 budgies so much noise and fun)


First Infinite Battle after the 8 Indoraptor Guard was complete.

Despite having Indoraptors and VIP 40s, I can still manage my Infinity Battles without using those. Sometimes I even use my old VIP 20s teams and manage to get wins.


Yes, the technic name is Budgerigar for ornithologist.


Well done fury! You’ve progressed very quickly considering it has only been a year


Thanks! More like around 10 to 11 months, but close to a year. :slight_smile:

I myself am not so sure when exactly I joined haha, it all started when I randomly opened my beautiful Park Builder one day, saw the bad news and lost a little bit of my sanity. But it was sometime close to February.


Very nice fury, im in no rush for indos just yet but glad to see its manageable.

I would say get that zalm to 20 though he will surely help you at that level.


Thank you so much @Aether_12, in fact it didn’t even strike me that I could do that very easily. :sweat_smile: I kept regretting not taking that 11K LPs to Eudimorphodon trade a few days back, now I can make Zalmo to 20. I have the DNA for it as well. :+1:t3:


Sooooo guys, presenting to you : my Rarity Rumble and Stakeholder’s Visit matchups.

Rarity Rumble

Stakeholder’s Visit

I have to admit, I got so excited seeing that Indoraptor in the Rarity Rumble third match. In the fourth match, as the Indominus level 20 was about to knock out the level 31 Indominus Second Gen…


Surprisingly I used a lot more VIP 20 Ferocity creatures than I expected. 15/21 of the creatures I used were VIP 20 Ferocity, some below it like the maxed Sarcosuchus and some a tad bit above it like the Indominus.


why don’t you maximize gryposuchus? level 40 its better…


Will do soon. :+1:


sorry if i rushed you :joy::v:


Congrats! I may choose a similar path to you, I will not have much time to play from April onwards (my due date is late April/early May), but I want to unlock indoraptor before that.
The only thing I’m missing is dna of course. :stuck_out_tongue:
I have a lot of raptor sdna so I may make a lot of indoraptors then sell them for dna to make metriaphodons/zalmonodons, armormatas, segnos and gorgos.

What I still don’t get (@Aether_12 has also pointed this one out) is how your infinity battles are so easy. With much lower ferocity dinos we get much more difficult match ups. :thinking:


Thanks @MirrMurr! :smiley:

I think the Infinite Battle probably has not adjusted to my new Ferocity yet. I will be posting my Infinite Battles here for the next few days and there we might find an opponent ferocity rise.

As recently till 23rd December 2020, my Lineup was entirely VIP Level 20 Ferocity. Honestly I had no plans about the Indoraptor Guard or VIP 30s and 40s even till mid January 2021. I just did everything experimentally, so far so good… :joy: