AAAAA Fei is back

Does a happy dance AAAAA

Fei returning is very bitterwseet. :neutral_face:
It’s sweet because Fei is one of my favourites, and it’s great having her back. :grin:
But it’s also bitter, because we (usually) only get one female at a time, which means Clementine/Grace is (more than likely) gone again. :cry:

I hope that Felicia, Dahlia, Susan, Aesha, Jasmin, Emmalyn, Julia and Alice are next in line

They teased me with the notification. I hoped and prayed it was Aesha but you know what, I love Fei just as much and she is so adorkable! Let’s see what’s going on with her

I thought it might’ve been Aesha/Samantha too. We were well and truly hoodwinked. :roll_eyes:

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Demo launch party date and drama about her game being copied by a different game

If you’re going to post spoilers, you should warn people of said spoilers.