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Aaaaand the rankings have changed

I just noticed that the ranks have changed on my chats. I had hearts with Johnathan, Antoine and one other I think. I’ve also been hit with one of those 220 gem conversation choices. Ouch Ludia. I thought we were friends. I don’t mind the rank change, but yikes with the gem gouging.

The same goes for Calum. There’s even a choice that is over 300 gems on a date, if I remember correctly. And I’m sorry but that’s just ridiculous. I understand you have to get money to be able to pay your workers and keep on creating the game but … you seriously think that’s the way to do it?

How many people have wasted money for new gems to get those choices? I would hope not too many, at least not the people who have some sense in their mind. Because that’s what you’re asking people to do, you ask them to waste money for a happiness that lasts maybe 5 minutes. How long will the saddness of never seeing that money again last? Probably forever. Or if not forever than probably more than just 5 minutes when they realise the amount of money flying into wind is steadily growing. And that’s not making this game enjoyable at all. It makes it very annoying and stupid.

I have a suggestion. If you insist raising the amount of gems for making the choices then at least lower the unblurring of pictures ones. How about 100 gems for those that are 300 right now and 50 gems for those that are 180? For you it might not seem fair, but it would for the players. And I’m sorry but I think you should start thinking about players and how to make it easier for them to enjoy the game at some point. Hopefully right now.

Thanks to the survey I know you have a lot of ideas to improve the game and there were quite a few ideas I liked. But … if you are also going to overcharge for things like voice messages and other stuff like that … then I don’t think you should bother. It would just make your players sadder and more annoyed when they discover they don’t have enough gems to use those options.


I’ve noticed it calum. My most recent convo choice was 220 gems and it’s like they completely ignored the cries for easier Gem collections in the survey. I’ve loved every minute of Calum’s storyline but maaaaaaan. Idk if I have the patience to keep dealing with these. I don’t wanna stop playing but I don’t wanna do the free choices either. Talk about a rock and a hard place

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I agree 100%