Abandoned game?

Since my recent post was locked due to necro-post policies, here we go again…

Starting on a post on Feb’21 (What could we hope from this game?), a user posted what many long time players feel, the lack of new features in the game. There hasn’t been a real game update since the clans/alphas were added and that was really long ago. Since then the only new content have been new dragon species and for a long time already we are not even getting that, giving the feeling of leaving the game abandoned.

A list of new features (many have been already suggested) or a game developing roadmap has been requested many times without any answer besides forwarding the message to the team. So here is a new attempt… please, we deserve to know what’s to come, specially talking about new ingame features, if any.


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Not to mention that Titan Uprising’s posts have been moved to “Other games” category in the Forum, where it used to have its own category. :thinking:


Hi, can we get any answer on this? Thanks


Hey there, Nicocat. I can’t really say when new features for the game will be added, but please rest assured that the suggestions and feedback from players are forwarded to our team, and they have reviewed them.

However, we can’t guarantee that they will be implemented in the game at the moment. :sweat:

With the risk of sounding like I’m repeating myself, I have forwarded this thread to our team for further review as well.

Thank you.

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