Abandoning Match PvP Strategy for DBI's Experiment

This PvP strategy is for those who, firstly, don’t care about trophy’s because your plateaued and not progressing anyway. Secondly for those in this endless loop of losing 3-4 battles and then winning 3-4 battles. Third, for those who don’t find PvP all that enjoyable because of the stressfulness of it.

This idea came after running into some matches where my opponent will lose connection after the first move and for what ever reason can’t get back into get game before the match is over. This of course makes an easy win for me. At the same time, their abandoned team actually gets a takedown or two in the process. This sparked an idea. What if I did this on purpose as a way to work on takedowns towards my DBIs? So I decided to experiment.

I set up this specific team for the task. 4 creatures have instant 1st strike. The other 4 have a counter attack. The counter attackers were the best I had as far as damage. The goal is that between 3 creatures, they do enough damage to get at least one takedown each match. None of these guys are boosted.

Early this morning, still in bed, I opened the game, got a match started. I picked my first creature, made my first move. I put my phone down, closed my eyes and left it. I did this 3 times, losing each game but in the process, I got 1 takedown, 2 takedowns and another 1 takedown.

Now having dropped about 120 trophy’s, when I started my 4th match, I noticed my opponent first creatures wasn’t a level 28-30 super boosted Thor or something like this and played this one out, winning the match. I went into battle again, seen my opponent creatures was even, played it out and won again. Got my 10 takedown and DBI done.

When I got up, I got a match started for the fun of it, left it and went off to wash up and get dressed. I come back to find that I won!!! Somehow.

I also did this a few times on my other 3 accounts. I get matches all going the same time then go off and do something else for a little while and come back to see if I got any takedowns. I get like one or two at a time. I expect a nothing burger on occasion.

One time I came back to see how the games were progressing and saw I was winning so I jumped back in and finished up the matches and got an incubator on two of my accounts.

As two of my accounts are really close in trophy’s, I didn’t realize when I started the matches one time, I was playing myself so one account won and the other lost with one takedown.

So experimental wise, this was a success. It was making easy wins for my opponents who got themselves 3 takedowns and an incubator for the price of waiting for the timer to count down each turn. Probably a little annoying but for them, worth the time in the end.

Yea, when you start to do stuff like this, you’ve been playing this game far too long.


its kinda annoying when opponent abandons match… what if you have a limited time and need to do some pvp or takedowns for misions… though I have done this, enter battle and just abandoned cause I just wanna drop and dont have time.


Absolutely concur with that last statement ……


Yeah… it’s a really awful thing to do to your opponent - that being said, being willing to do something like this is a symptom of a larger issue going on with the game.

I meet people all the time who don’t select moves, but are paying attention. How do I know? When I take out one dino, the next one pops right into the match, not when the timer counts down. I know by name about 5 or 6 players who have gyro level teams that never let their high score go over about 5100. When I recognize that play style I do everything in my power to lose on purpose. Another dumb trend some people do is only select a move every other turn. T1 - counter goes down and basic attack, T2 - something is selected and attack goes long before counter hits zero, T3 - counter goes down and basic attack again.

In the end - don’t play like this. You had your fun experiment but don’t do it again, because while you’re saving yourself the frustration and rage that the arena can cause - you’re more than doubling it for the person on the other side.


For the past year and a half my team has been sitting in a plateau spot but here’s the kicker it’s at a spot where my team wins 50% of their matches with me be entirely afk.

So I don’t just get my dbis done I get incubators as well.

It best choice I’ve ever made as regarding to how I play this game.

Rng is so heavy in this game I thought I wonder if I could just let rng handle everything and it’s worked wonderfully.

The only active choice I make is to make sure if my Thor is in my line up it doesn’t come out.

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That’s not on players to fix… that’s on Ludia to fix. And if they wanted it fixed they would have listened to the hundreds of posts on here over the past years that offered tons of different solutions to the problem.

I look back at that year one alliance battle event in which the winning alliance members all dropped down 1000s of trophies to generate easy wins and ultimately won the event then came on here and described in detail why it was important that Ludia take steps to prevent droppers from ruining the game for newer players.

Ludias response was to cancel the event and never run it again. But never fix the real problem.

Cause they want people to drop its like free advertising for them. So as far as I’m concerned this is an “as intended” way to battle as any other.

I mean it’s 2022 anti afk measures have been a thing in games for over 20 years now.


I have to agree. Please do not do this. I don’t blame the experiment. I’ve been turned to try same thing. But opponent’s have been doing this since beginning.
PLEASE do not add to the problem. This is one of those things that CAUSES the frustrations & duck of PVP above mentioned.

Ftr, on the flip side of the proverbial coin.
I can’t disagree with @Eviction either.
The real problem anywhere with anything Is “the authority” responsible to do something, doesn’t.
Like in the real world, who is the worst criminal. The thief, authorities who just dont care. It is not there pockets being cut in to. Like here

Abdicating personal responsibility is a cop-out. Dropping, in all its forms is cheating, and the exploitation of a loophole within the game (which is actually against the terms of service).
That aside, any player putting themselves ahead of the wider game community shouldnt be in it. Any deliberate loss should be punished on a two strike rule, one months suspension 1st time, permanent IP ban second.
Im aware that will be an unpopular view in some quarters, but its my truthful view. Every player should be playing to their maximum, anything else for me says a lot about that person as an individual (i exempt the initial poster on the basis this was a temporary experiment he wont be continuing).


Expecting players to provide you with an experience the developers refuse to do is a lost cause. Period.

Trust me I spent the better part of two years offering solutions to the problem and making posts about the “morals” of droppers just like yours.

And dropping is not cheating. Ludia has a fair play policy and dropping isn’t in it. You can ask their customer service if you’d like and no matter how much we both might like it to be. Ludia has been firm in the past it does not consider it cheating.


I agree 100%. I have never dropped. It never crossed my mind.
But out of all you said, you just restated the probmen and emphasized there is no solution.
I do not believe that. There’s always a way.
AND OF COURSE IT’S THE CHEATERS! But they’re not about going to help, are they ?

You could probaly spend a day reading through all the different options and solutions presented to Ludia on these very forums many of them tried and tested by other games.

All I’ve ever seen about it from Ludia was something along the lines of they want people to be able to play in the arenas their comfortable playing in.

A lot of things this community like to call cheating or exploiting are literal game features put their for a reason. Like the ability to force close the app and redart a Dino was built in to prevent connection losses from ruining a darting attempt.

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There is precisely zero justification for arena dropping deliberately. Its an ‘im alright jack’ attitude, ie ‘as long as i can roll over 4 aviary players with my team that can hold its own in the shores in 20mins as opposed to an hour i dont care’.
Im aware im a black and white kinda guy, but from past experience those who try to introduce shades of grey into this discussion are usually amogst said toxic element within the arena (and often involved in other forms of cheating). I have no time for such behaviour, within a gaming community or real life, as is also clear i have no issue calling it out either!
There is plenty that can be done, much of it already present elsewhere in the game, arena-based level / rarity caps, inability to drop more than one arena from your highest trophy score etc.
The number of people boycotting the arena - which is meant to be the pinnacle of the game, shows that this needs to become a priority issue that ludia starts taking seriously.

The problem here is your black and white is kinda irrelevant it doesn’t really matter what any of us think about droppers other then Ludia and they are a ok with it.

I would be completely fine with them fixing it but at 4 years already I don’t see it happening.

As for this boycott I don’t see any significant change in numbers there were roughly 40k players north of avairy when I last quit in 2020 and that number is the same now.

The big of a time jump and there has been almost 0 net playerbase progression which would seem to indicate way more players aren’t playing at their perk potential trophies then not. Whether it be by choice or by balance changes that creates weak spots in their team and suddenly they are in a lower arena.

Thats a flawed logic. The reason the player numbers in the top few arenas are roughly the same is because newer players like myself (49-5100) have replaced those who have just dropped the pvp element of the game (other than the 1st battle each month for those in alliances).
I personally have my own deterrents, i do an eye for an eye approach. Im fortunate enough to have a large amount of spare time, so if a player wants to behave in the aforementioned toxic manner then ill deliberately wait till the last second to make my move, make the match last as long as possible, so that they arent farming quick incs (to be clear, when not facing droppers or those engaging in other methods of full-on cheating, i dont do this). If it happens enough, theyll realise that they arent actually saving any time!!!

just straight up not choosing anything and letting the timer run down is annoying. it wastes your opponent’s time. if you want to drop, fine, but just choose everything quicker to keep the process as quick as possible. no need to make someone else suffer through a 5-10 minute match when it can be over in 2.

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You do realize both the op and I are referring to the act of starting a battle and closing the app and letting our Dino’s basic attack to do the work he was getting dbis I was responding that you can let your team fall enough you can win 50% of your matches just letting them do their own thing.

Theirs no snowballing here I never go above 4600 and try to stay below 4500 because then the pity ai kicks in and you can get a guaranteed incubator every third match just letting your team run on auto pilot.

Yeah but these matches have what Ludia considers a reasonable time limit. None of these matches approach that time limit. Not like they used to in gypo vs grypo days where matches would just time out. Matches against afk people don’t even come close to the tank meta matches.

If the matches are completed within the intended time frame is that really an issue.

Another thing I wanted to add to the topic is this since Library, gyro and shores were added to the game which was now 3 years ago. Ludia has offered players 0 incentive for being in these new arena because you don’t actually get anything extra from those arenas incubators versus avairy. No no new exclusive Dino’s no extra coins per incubators.

Seems like a overwhelming easy fix to alleviate some of the dropper problems but naw lets increase dna rewards in the lower incubators instead.

The only in game incentive for being in a higher arena would come from the season rewards which go by your highest crowns achieved so droppers can spend a weekend trophy pushing get set their highest trophy ranks then go back down to where ever they want.

By all means be mad about droppers but make sure that anger is directed to the company that not only condones dropping, but seemingly built their current system with droppers in mind. And then sat on that system for the better part of three years while their player base has made countless threads about how detrimental it is to new players.

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Kinda guilty of something like that.
But there are some perks to using Nublar to game the system.
The reset itself.
I like to jump to Nublar before reset to lock in the guaranteed 5950 and quickly lock in the 6K seasonal rewards right off the bat. (Nothing like locking in an entire months of battling in 30 min)
Then drop to Gyro for higher win percentage.

I like to jump to Nublar Friday morning for the bonus points (Especially X2 tourneys).

If you know it’s a skill sloth tourney and you are gonna pull a 10 and done, its nice to pad the score a bit to hide your slaking :slight_smile:

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