Abilities not working

So I thought for a few days it was my imagination that my dragons’ abilities weren’t working, but I actually took a pic today to prove it. I have been SHOT AT (primary shots, mind you), when the ability lock is in place from either my Gloomlear or Murklurker, and that was annoying, but when my dragons BURNED TO DEATH because the “All allies cleanse negative effects” ability didn’t work on level 10 of Valentine’s Light Fury, and I had to use runes to get the TP’s… Well that was enough to make me complain. This pic is taken just after firing the Fleetsleet. Note the continued burn on all 5 dragons…

Did you tap and hold on one of the dragons to look at the active buffs and debuffs? (also note that there is no Damage Over Time debuff on any of your dragons, so i think the continued burn you see is merely a visual bug.)

They actually continued to burn, it wasn’t just a visual bug.