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Abilities/Resistances Reduncies

Since the 2.0 update there are several dinosaurs with Abilities/Resistances reduncies. Case in point. Indominus Rex has an abilitie that will “Cleanse Vunlnerable”, but also has “100% Resistance to Vunlnerable”. This makes them redundant to one another and therefore the “Cleanse Vunlnerable” abilitie is useless to have. For the several dinosaurs that have these type of Abilities/Resistances reduncies there need to be changes made to correct this.

certain other creatures are not resistant to vulnerable so the move would stay the same for indom because they aren’t going to change the moves for one creature. the move would stay the same even if they are immune


At the same time though, why bother giving Indom the fierce move at all when the defense shattering version would function exactly the same?

Though I agree that they don’t need to change the move itself, since other dinos with the move are not immune to vulnerable. They just think about which moves they give to which dinos.


I’m not meaning they should change any of the overall Abilities. I mean they need to insure that any Abilitie that is assigned to any given dinosaur will not be redundant with any Resistance that is assigned to that dinosaur.

true. i get what you mean

I can understand Fierce abilities being redundant on creatures like thor when Defence shattering does exactly the same thing. those should probably be looked at. maybe add cleanse crit reduction.

but for cunning abilities cleansing DoT, yeah its redundant on some, but it has more effects that help like crit reduction, attack increase removal, and attack decrease.

I do think fierce moves could use an extra something, but cleanse crit reduction probably isn’t something that I see them doing. All of the “classes” have a move that cleanses the effect of the class they are meant to counter. Resilients are meant to counter cunning, so they cleanse distraction. Fierce is meant to counter resilient, so they cleanse vulnerable. Cunning is meant to counter fierce, so they cleanse DoT (if you consider bleeders to be a kind of fierce creature). But if a fierce creature could cleanse crit reduction, it would be cleansing the effect of cunning creatures, which are meant to counter fierce, not the other way around. I think it makes more sense to add cleanse deceleration to fierce moves. It fits into them countering resilients, and Ludia already gave many fierce creatures immunity to deceleration anyway, so clearly they want them to counter this ability.

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Keyword there, “think”. See Ludia doesnt think, they just act and hope for the best. Lo and behold, every single creature you could think of is now probably an Anti-Doger. Back then, Dodgers could maybe beat a Tryko, most of the times not. Now its just a really boring rock, paper, scissors game where all the creatures are basically scissors, the rest (i.e. Dodgers) being paper

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Lmao. Yeah rock paper scissors is good in theory, but if they take it too far you have no choice but to switch creatures. But then the game just turns into everyone switching every turn. The big problem with this is that switching puts you at in inherent disadvantage in most cases, taking a hit and being a turn behind on delays, so no one actually switches. And so the game then becomes a game of luck with who you choose to send out first. That’s pretty boring game design if you ask me. So it’s critical that every creature has some sort of option against their counter, even if they’re at a huge disadvantage. But resilient attacks cover every single option a cunning creature could possibly have.