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Ability/Card upgrades


I’ve a question that might turn into a suggestion based on the answer. When gear/abilities are upgraded does the ability level up as well as base stats? For example maybe the cool down goes down after a few upgrades, or the red dice % goes up, the ability could be active longer, or does a high % of damage? you could have the abilities get upgraded a few different times in different ways. Is this a thing? If not it should be.


Its already a thing


nice, I thought that might be the case, is this information contained somewhere? is there a progression for items? is it always the red dice/cooldown?


Its clearly not at random, but I don’t know the sequence and it also depend on the equipment. Sometimes it’s about the frequency of the red die, sometimes its about the numbers of turn the effect will take place, sometimes its about the cool down… There might be something written in the game rules, in the settings of the game.


hmmm, I checked there, but couldn’t find anything. @Jon can you shed some light on this? is there a list of this, or a chart?


We have have some info in our Update 2 release notes: [Release Notes] Warriors Of Waterdeep | Update 2 under FEATURE: ABILITY UPGRADE PREVIEW


that awesome, I can’t believe I hadn’t noticed that before, thanks so much @Jon