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Ability ideas edited

Move ideas
(Keep in mind I don’t have pics for all of them)
Ferocious caution
100% chance to dodge direct damage, next turn increase attack by 50% for 3 turns,critical chance by 30% for 3 turns, increase speed by 10% for 2 turns

Debilitating bite
Deal 1x damage, DoT 33.3% of enemies max hp for 3 turns, slows target for 3 turns, decrease target’s attack by 50% for 3 turns

Stealthy gaze
Priority, 75% chance to dodge direct damage for one turn, increase attack for 2 turns
Cooldown: 1

Club smash
Deal 2x damage, slows target for 2 turns, target is vulnerable next turn
Cooldown: 1

Deliberate Immobilize

Priority, decrease opponent’s attack by 90% for one turn, slows target for 1 turn, target is vulnerable next turn

Gash and go
Deal 1x damage, DoT 33.3% of enemy’s max hp for 3 turns, automatically swaps out
Cooldown:2 delay:1

Death grip
Priority, 100% chance to stun target for 1 turn, target is pinned for 2 turns, target is vulnerable for the 2 turn

Deadly steps
Priority, cleanse self, 100% to dodge direct damage, target is vulnerable next turn, increase speed by 10% for a turn


Not to be a party-pooper but

Stealthy Gaze - Would be like a worse version of Mutual Fury. Useless if the user isn’t immune.

Debilitating Bite - Slowing down wouldn’t make it much different than Lethal Wound. And “Debilitating” is a word already used for decreasing attack, so it would be confusing if it doesn’t do that too.

Ferocious Caution - Are you crazy?


To be fair, while I don’t like or agree with any of the names for these move concepts,

“Stealthy Gaze” could be really good on a counter-attacker, and the fact that you can stack them means you could dish out some serious damage that way, depending on the user’s health.

“Debilitating Bite”, while being just lethal wound with a slowing effect, could be a really handy combination against say, Indo G2 for example.

“Ferocious Caution” would be a waay better Ready to Crush, although I guess it depends on the stats of the creature that receives it. Before Cautious Strike was a thing, I would have said that it would be a bit much, but now anything is possible.

Speaking of counter-attackers, imagine one with a decent counter (unlike Marsupial Lion) with Prowl. It would still be easily counterable with a precise/definite/nullifying move, but with the evasion buff and the fact it has no cooldown, that could be a fun one to play around with.

Great ideas for moves. I specifically love the ferocious caution but which dino would be the perfect candidate to has this move. Probably something like monomimus or a new partially immune with evasive abilities creature.

Stealthy gaze was intended for immune creatures. You go for it turn one then turn two go for a big hit. Like Quetzorion with Sidestep

That’s the point of Stealthy gaze

Can i use your moves for some new dino ideas that i have?

Sure thing man

Thank you☺️

I really love your ideas, but a lot of them are too OP or weak. Here are a few of my ideas how they might be more balanced: Ferocious Caution: Decrease the dodge chance to 75%. Decrease the extra damage and critical chance to 2 turns. Debilitating Bite: Decrease the amount of bleed time to 2 turns. Roar: Increase slowing time to 2 turns. Increase vulnerability time to 2 turns. Give it a 2 turn cooldown. Gash And Go: Decrease bleed to 25%. Decrease bleed time to 2 turns. Maybe give it a 75% or 50% stun chance? Death Grip: Remove the damage.

Overall, I had a blast reading your ideas🙂.

For ferocious caution that works, Gash and go is ok, the stun could be ok, death grip without damage is ok

The only thing about ferocious caution is to just increase the cooldown to 3 or better to 4 turns. If you do that the 3 turn damage and crit increase will be just fine.

This one already exists, stygidarix has it

Sorry, forgot to add damage

Requested by OP.