Ability improving system

I think there is still bad system of ability improving. Look at this

2 stars and ability 9/10.

And 3 stars and 24/50 but ability 4/10!!!

There is something wrong. I’m sure many players have this problem.
I think there must be +50% chance to improve ability, if you use 10 dragons of the same color, as dragon, that you level up.


come on you are not newbie…
if u make the full of the level, you can free to make it

More than 80 levels without improving ability (except 1* to 2* and 2* to 3*). It’s just annoying!

37/50 for Murmurquill and it’s still 4/10! I always have 35-40% to improve ability and constantly NOTHING!

I know that some players have a worse situation: 3/10 with 50/50. It needs to be fixed. If not 50% but at least 25-30% bonus for using 10 dragons of the same color as leveling dragon.

The number of feedings is more important than the levels - and it‘s only a probability to improve the ability each time you level, so if you go for a 35% chance by leveling, the ability will most likely not improve.
Keep in mind that your dragon levels on average in 1 of 3 feedings, meaning it could not level for 15 times and then suddenly level the next 30 feedings. It‘s only an average for the long run, 10 feedings are nothing to a probability.

I personally never go for less than 40% if I like to level the ability and I know that this will give me full ability level before my dragon is maxed (for 4 star and 5 star dragons, doesn’t work for 3 stars), most of the times it‘s 44-46%, sometimes even 50%+ chance for me and I hope for an ability level up then. Some dragons are a little stubborn but in the end it always worked so far.

I don‘t see your point since a 4 star or 5 star will max out ability in (almost) all cases even with a 2-star-only-feeding and for 3 stars the challenge is to feed dupes once in a while to guarantee a fully leveled ability. Any other system would be too easy.


It makes me so angry! :angry::angry::angry:

The most unfair thing in game!

Right feeding and a little luck. Whatever you’re doing, you can’t be feeding a mixture of 2 stars and 3 stars, otherwise you’re the unluckiest person ever.

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I do not understand your frustration… do you want to have 10/10 ability by the time you train it to 1 star?

4/10 at 3* is very bad. I want 6/10 at least.
40 levels without improving ability is totally frustrating.
Moreover, I have maxed Revenger (4/4 stars, 60/60 lvl) with ability 9/10. But I’ve seen worse situations like 8/10 or 6/10 for maxed dragons. It mustn’t be that way.

Such thing has never happened to me. Using 1* and 2* dragons of the same color normally can get a dragon’s ability at max at about 3*. Did you use trained and leveled up dragons or too many sheeps to level your dragons? If not, you’re really terribly unlucky.



That’s what I had to Maeve’s Buffalord

Not my screenshot

My 4/10 to Murmurquill, Loggerjammer and Glaivedriver are higher


I mentioned this before on the discord, but i have trained 55 dragons to 3* and only one of them had an incredibly low ability lvl of 4 or 5 at 3* 50, namely my Coldreign (though right now its at 4* 26 with ability lvl 10). And most of those 55 got to ability lvl 10 at that point.

So, as far as I can tell, you are just using too many 2*, 3* or trained dragons. Its honestly quite difficult to get a 4* lvl 60 dragon to not have ability lvl 10 if you mostly use 1* and 2* dragons to lvl it.

I don’t know what’s going wrong. I use the same ways to improve ability for dragons

Could you please show us a screenshot of one of your usual feedings? Especially what dragons you’d chose (take the shot before actually tapping to level)?

Ability improved this time


That’s how I’m feeding (I took a Bombwelter instead of Beachcomber dupe to show proper percentages regarding 5 star feeding). I personally would never go for less than 40% chance of ability leveling if I’m still working on it.


I do not know… you have 5 levels to complete ability 10/10… sometimes you get luckier and get ability leveled up in first 2-3 stars, sometimes in the last 2-3 stars… I personally don’t have enough rooster space to collect 10 dragons of one color to level up my dragons so I level them up as soon as I get a dragon that I do not need of particular color… for me this way works… instead of 1 gamble with 10 dragons I get 10 gambles… in most of the cases the dragon’s ability levels up completely by 4th star… only one time I had 3 star dragon that was 9/10 at the end… but it did not matter much as I did not have any other yellow dragon to work on…


It is luck, same as drafts or breeding… sometimes you breed 40 times and get no 5 star, sometimes you get it on the second try…