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Ability improving system

Everytime I want to level up my dragons ability level, I will feed minimum 10x 2* same color dragons (minimum 40% chance increase), if I have some unused 3* dragons I will use them to feed as well to increase the chance up to 50%+
I won’t use 1* dragons to feed the dragons I want to level up ability, as I think feeding 1* is not cost-effective and efficient in leveling dragons ability. So I only will use 1* dragons to feed those not require to level up ability.

Just to share my way of level up my dragons ability, what @Military_Jane says is also workable if you like to gamble 10 times compared to my method.


Same! I find it extremely difficult to level the ability up!

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So unlucky :pensive:

That’s strange because I feel like I’ve had the exact opposite happening to my dragons in my game. They keep leveling up their ability pretty often. I have my Skullcrusher who I just got to 4 stars but his ability was already maxed out at 3 stars.

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