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Ability leveling

Am I so unlucky or after the last update is the leveling the ability of dragons so much harder? Many times I’ve had 10/10 dragons with the same color like dragon that ability I tried leveled up, but nothing. Every time I’ve had more than 40 percent chance, but nothing. I think it is so rigged.:triumph::angry:I completely understand that the ability cannot be increased ALWAYS even if we have more than 40 percent chance. It would be too easy for us. But after the last update the ability level was improved only one time. And I have that same percentage MANY, MANY times. So I don’t think it is fair. I hope it will be better. Because before the last update it was little easier. The ability wasn’t increased EVERY time, but it was little easier. That’s all. Hope you’ll fix this soon.:grinning:

On the plus side, you can continue to feed a maxed dragon until their ability is 10/10.


Well, Denis, we all need to blow off some steam every now and then. But… I had 75% chance with 3 copies fail. And 3% chance succeed. My Toothless hasn’t got an upgrade in 60 levels that were fed almost exclusively with 1-star dragons for efficiency.

RNG is RNG. You can’t fix it, but it’s not rigged. Lightfury got two upgrades before level 10…


Where does it say yo can feed a Max leveled dragon if their ability isn’t 10/10?

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Really, because I tried that with a dragon I have and it didn’t work.

Perhaps it’s got to do with the fact that the “level up” button is still available.

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Works for everyone else

Sadly, I don’t have any maxed out dragons with unmaxed abilities to show now, but, theoretically…

If this guy doesn’t improve his ability before hitting 50 - the “Level Up” button would still be available, the stats\level wouldn’t increase, but you can still feed him up to 10 dragons for the same chance of upgrade. Really, would be nice if they improved the chance at max level, it gets quite painful to keep feeding them.

But this dragon, who is obviously not max-trained - won’t be able to level its ability until its max-trained.

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Here’s my Anveil with 3 ability points to go. I’m still able to feed him fish even though he has no more levels.

My Torch, however, has maxed out levels and ability points and I’m no longer able to feed him anything


Just like with all odds, even stable ones, there is no guarantee. I do 80% of my training one level at a time to max out those Dragon Nurture keys, so most of my abilities level up below a 10% chance, but I am rolling the dice way more often, as they say.

I usually wait until I have some 3, or even 4 star duplicates I’ve already levelled up, and will save them for my dragons that are maxed out but still need abilities raised. Chances are those rare cards won’t be the ones I need anyway, but they are great ability feed.


My “ability levels” don’t raise up quite so easy, no matter how many dragons I use to level them up. Best case for my dragons is 6/10.

My maxed out dragon is a 2 star Stormcutter, who I am working to replace with a 3 star dragon. So, it’s not as if I am going to feed it indefinitely until it levels up as I already need stronger dragons.

You shouldn’t waste resources on any dragon under 3*

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Exactly. As I said, this dragon needs to be replaced anyway. I only tried once and it didn’t get raised. That’s it.

I am trying to level some 3* dragons enough so that they can surpass my 2* Stormcutter’s points, and use them for battle.

I meant you shouldn’t even. ring a 2* past level 1. Unless you have no where else to spend the dragons and are full

And now I lost you.

2* are worthless and replaced within 2 weeks of playing. Anything spent on them is a waste. Level 1 2s are enough to get you to a team of 3. You wont use 2* for anything in the game

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I’ve been using them for quite some time, because they were easier to train, and, ehh, available. Not alone, no. My main battle team consists of 2 2* dragons, 2 3*, 1 4*.

As it is now, though, I need to level up my 3* dragons in order to use them, because their endurance is lower than the 2* ones. But I also want to make a battle team as well balanced and efficient as the current one.

Dont touch your 2* any further. You’re going to use them to level other dragons. 1 and 2* are meant for using to level and use on the first levels of game only

Yeah, well, I’m not that far in the game though. I mean, my team is 3350 points. And I’m on level 23.

Oh, and when I level my other 3* dragons enough, the other dragons are staying for breeding purposes.

I would only save a few for breeding and that is only until you have the 3* breed.

Two weeks into the game you should have a full 3* rainbow team or very close and at least 5 3* by not levelling the 2* you would have lots of resources to level those 3* and have no well past what you got by levelling 2*