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Ability locks don't work

Since the last major update, I’ve noticed in every version of battles (quests, story mode, alpha, Thawfest) that if our dragons should be adding ability locks to the foes (like Gloomlear or Murklurker) that doesn’t happen on our side, but it DOES happen from the AI side, so AI’s get a major unfair advantage.


You sure?
Ability lock from my gloomleer always works.
And alphas are immune to ability lock.


Positive. It’s not just the ability locks, helping blocks, or benefit losses that aren’t getting transmitted for my clan (CLAN, mind you, not just me, I’m just the one posting for us…), even the majority of our counterattacks aren’t getting carried over. We might see one or two turns worth, but not the 4 or 5 we’re supposed to get. (And that’s if I’m counting my turn as 1, and foe as 2. It used to be 4 of my turns when the game first started almost a year ago…)

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Hey dbigner, thank you for letting us know about this! If you haven’t already, could you reach out to our support team here at with your support key and more details so our team can investigate further?