Ability Overhaul Suggestion

Creature buffs and nerfs might be the most important thing in a game like this. However, something I haven’t seen anyone talk about yet is the inconsistencies in ability icons and names. Some examples include Phorurex’s Cautious Cunning Rampage not being Cautious, Instant Rumble having a Distraction symbol and Glyptoceras and Ankylomoloch having near identical Swap in Stunning abilities but different names. I’ve also seen complaints about the various abilities being too overwhelming for new players. The icons don’t always match the move and sometimes players need a way to quickly check what a creature they have never seen does, when an arena turn lasts only 12? seconds, that’s not enough to read. There’s no way in game to view abilities of a creature you haven’t unlocked as well. I’ve compiled a list of suggestions that could improve this aspect of the game, feel free to add on, correct me or suggest more. These will be very nitpicky and I will not be sorry.

Note 1-Unique Names: Abilities with unique names such as Alert Arctic Blast or Ravenous Rampage. I’ll leave these alone because they’re clearly meant to sound cool. I won’t leave things like Constricting Rampage alone however. Swap In and On Escape abilities should be separate from regular abilities. I’ll let the Obstruction abilities slide. I will not make my own unique names unless a move simply does too much or does something never done before.

Note 2-Alert and Revenge Suggestion: Create two icons for the same move. When the ability switches from the Threatened and Secure states the icon changes as well. This will reduce the number of symbols on one icon and clear confusion on which state does what. This will also help Revenge abilities when an attack does more damage or has a different effect than usual.

Note 3-Icon Colours: Even the colours of the ability icons are extremely inconsistent. Colours could be used to differentiate different abilities and separate them easier. Maybe use a different colour for each damage multiplication and special effect, and the basic blue for attacks with multiple effects.

Note 4-I used JWA Field Guide (unofficial) for this list. Information may not be 100% accurate because I am simply too poor to make all the hybrids.

Side Note-I really like Alert the Flock’s name because Alert is uniquely being used as a verb instead of as an adjective or noun.

Alert Arctic Blast: Add Deceleration symbol. hc that arctovasilas has minty fresh breath

Alert Decelerating Impact: Rename to Alert Arctic Impact (Doesn’t mention Stunning). Would also be consistent with Alert Arctic Blast. Add a Vulnerability symbol.

Alert Decoy: Make it yellow to fit with other Critical abilities. Have the Critical symbol on it.

Alert Distracting Impact: Rename to Alert Critical Distracting Impact

Alert Instant Shielded Impact: Rename to Alert Shielded Taunting Charge. Field guide says it does 1x damage but idk.

Alert Nullification: Rename to Alert Instant Nullifying Distraction

Alert On Escape Evasion: Rename to On Escape Alert Evasion

Alert Persistent Group Shields, Defensive Edge, Group Defensive Edge: Rename to Alert Hibernation, Ferocious Group Advantage, Ferocious Group Shield Advantage (Hibernation is something like preparation, and Arctovasilas is a bear so this makes sense. It also has two uniquely named abilities so let’s just go with it)

Alert Rending Lockdown: Rename to Swap In Savage Lockdown Alert

Alert Swap in Stun and Stunning Alert: Basically the same, so choose one and drop the duplicate. Rename to Alert Swap in Stun or Swap in Stunning Alert

Bellow, Taunting Bellow: Add Shield symbol

Binding Impact: Rename to Lockdown Impact. Sounds cooler too.

Cautious Cunning Rampage: Rename to Instant Cunning Rampage (why cautious??)

Cenozoic Smack: Change Impact symbol to Strike symbol

Constricting Rampage: Rename to On Escape Constriction/On Escape Constricting Rampage (suggested by Jujjuuuuu)

Counter Vulnerability: Rename to Vulnerability Counter-Attack

Crafty Strike: Change the icon. Quetzorion has a pretty cool beak already, use that as the icon. Nothing else has Crafty Strike at the moment.

Critical Rampage: Make it yellow

Defensive Rending Attack: Rename to Shielded Shattering Savagery (alliteration lol)

Defensive Swap In: Easily confused with Shield abilities. Rename to Swap In Camouflage.

Delayed Revenge Distracting Rampage: If we assume delayed means longer delay then it’s not delayed. It’s also quite a long name. There’s no Revenge Distracting Rampage either so we’ll go with that.

Deliberate Prowl and Prowl: Could rename to Prowl and Instant Prowl. Maybe Deliberate moves should have lower priority than other abilities but let’s not get into that for now. I’m ok with their current names.

Devastation: Rename to Taunting (Precise) Devastation.

Dig in Taunt: Rename to Taunting Dig In

Distraction: Rename to Short Distraction

Fierce Swap In Strike: Change icon to Fierce attack, and make Parasauthops a Wildcard while you’re at it

Group Abilities: Maybe have one symbol when it targets multiple opponents and another for when it targets the team, eg Group Superiority benefits the whole team but only targets one opponent

Group Accelerate Cunning Strike: Rename to Group Speedup Cunning Strike. Add Nullifying symbol to match other Cunning attacks

Group Acceleration: Rename to Group Maximal Acceleration. Just to balance out the Minimal Speedup Strike.

Group Cunning Impact: JWA’s first Impact ability without a cooldown and you don’t even tell anybody. This move alone made Ovilophomoloch one of my favourite creatures even though I might never use it in battle. Rename to Immediate or Rapidfire Group Cunning Impact. Maybe put a little symbol or something to proudly display its No Cooldown status.

Group Distraction, Group Instant Distraction, Instant Distraction, Swap in Distraction: These are too confusing. #BringBackInstantCripple

Group Takedown: Can be confused with Rending Takedown. Rename to Group Instant Ferocity

Group Taunting Shields: Rename to Instant Group Taunting Shields

Group Warning Squeal, Instant Rumble: Change Distraction symbol to Deceleration symbol. Add a Critical symbol.

High Pounce: I liked Pounce better honestly. Also maybe all Pounce abilities should have a Distraction symbol.

Instant Invincibility Taunt: Rename to Instant Taunting Invincibility

Lesser Heals and Minor Heal on Escape: Both are the same 1x multiplier. Choose one. Lesser is better in my opinion.

Lethal Quill Shot, Quill Impact, Toxic Quills: Rename to Wounding Quills, Toxic Quills, Lethal Quill Shot. Lethal has always been used for 0.34x health DoT and venomous (in other words, toxic) creatures like the Dilophosaurus have always used Distraction. Impact is too vague when quills are used for three different effects.

Long Decelerating Strike: Rename to Decelerating Strike or Immediate Decelerating Strike

Long Defensive Strike: It’s quite misleading because it’s Short Defense but better. Rename to Immediate Short Defense

Medium Nullifying Counter: Rename to Medium Nullifying Counter-Attack

Minor Rending Attack: Rename to Minor Shattering Rend

Pesky Alert: Pesky? This would mean more on an Irritator, not what is meant to be an apex predator. It doesn’t even mention it is On Escape. Rename to On Escape Alert Cloak.

Piercing Revenge: Rename to Revenge Lockdown Shattering Savagery

Piercing Screech: Can be confused with Armour Piercing. Could be renamed to Ear-Piercing Screech or Valiant/Valorous Screech. Add Cleanse symbol.

Rending Attack: Rename to Defense Shattering Savagery

Rending Takedown: Could rename to Rending/Defense Shattering Takedown but since Takedown is a unique name I’m fine with it as it currently is.

Resilient Rampage Revenge: Rename to Revenge Resilient Rampage.

Restricted Group Distraction: Rename to Short/Restricted Group Distracting Impact

Revenge Distracting Strike: Could rename to Revenge Debilitating Distraction

Shield Advantage: Rename to Shield Advantage Strike

Shielded Devastation: Show Precise symbol on the icon

Shielding Strike: Either rename this or the rest of the Shielded abilities for consistency.

Super Distraction: add Damage over Time bleed symbol, rename to Super Group Distraction

Swap In Deceleration: Rename to Swap In Decelerating Shatter

Swap in Defense, Swap in Invincibility: Rename to Swap in Taunting Defense, Swap in Taunting Invincibility.

Swap in Heal: Rename to Swap in Lesser Heal.

Taunting Resilient Group Impact: Rename to Shielded Group Resilient Impact

Tough Group Cunning Strike: Rename to Group Cunning Strike

I can’t look through all the icons and abilities but these were the ones I managed to find. I love this game so I want to help it as much as possible. These changes are probably quite easily implemented-it’s just renaming and redesigning. I could be wrong. Renaming the abilities could improve the experience immensely, by reducing confusion and helping to group similar abilities together (especially cautious cunning rampage!!), frankly I don’t know why this wasn’t implemented from the start. I also think the double icon for Alert and Revenge abilities could be one of the best QOL updates to the game. I’m not too picky about the colours right now. If Ludia was already considering something like this I’d imagine it would be quite low on their to-do list so I don’t know.

Sorry if it was long! Thanks for reading haha

Edits: More abilities, jujjuuuuu’s suggestion, added on to some abilities, changed one instance of me calling them moves instead of abilities, added a side note for Alert the Flock


Why not on escape constricting rampage

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I’ll be honest I was kinda tired when I typed that but I’m pretty sure it was because 1. there’s no other Constriction abilities 2. I didn’t know if there was a character limit to each ability. I think it was before I saw Delayed Revenge Distracting Rampage though lol


Wouldn’t it be nice to have a move that automatically makes you go after the opponent? That seems like a pretty good idea

This rework is severely necessary. So many names and icons are just plain incorrect.


Yes, but this isn’t a post to come up with new abilities. This is a post to point out the flaws in the abilities that already exist.

Being someone who always felt severely bugged by the incorrect names and icons of moves, I need this in the game.

alert instant shield impact doesnt even do 1.5x damage. Who decided that name? WHY DOES INSTANT RUMBLE SHOW DISTRACTION?

Imo rapid group cunning impact sounds cooler

Edit: strike changed to impact


pinning strike could be lockdown strike

what do you know it was pretty low on their to-do list

Pesky Alert sounds like a Flock related move.

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that makes sense. i said irritator because pesky means irritating.

Just change Cautious Cunning Rampage to Instant Cunning Rampage
It’s confusing because it doesn’t have Cautious abilities, just cunning over and priority

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Irritator is only named so because of how long it took to demodify the holotype’s skull.

What’s confusing about them?

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