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Ability Reset to 0 bug compensations

Update: guess what? Support has replied me ^^ my compensations are HALF OF WHAT THE OTHER PLAY GOT! Talk about unfair treatment woooo! If the previous compensation is already insufficient, now its basically a slap in our face saying " haha we didn’t test for bugs before releasing, that’s YOUR problem lol". Welp players, that’s the support of this game. Idk about you guys, but I’m bailing :slight_smile:

As some of the players should know and experience it personally, a few of our dragons’ abilities have been reset to 1. While I understand that the team is working on it and providing compensation (which is by no means little), it is frankly not enough. Allow me to explain why.

This is a screen shot from of one of the discordians that got hit with the problem. I, too, have been hit but have no gotten a reply thus far. Hence, I am using his compensations as a guideline while using my team as a comparison to see if these compensations are indeed enough.

Lets look at the rewards:

  1. 1000 runes --> let us translate this to 11 rolls on

  2. 100 basic tokens --> 100 rolls
    Looking at the statistics, it is 89.6% for 2* and 10.4% for a 3*. 111 rolls translate to 99.456 2* and 11.544 3*. Let us be optimistic and round up the 3* count to 12. Hence, the expected reward is 12 3* and 99 2*

  3. 20 premium rolls --> 79.8% to get a 3*, 16.8% to get a 4* and 3.4% to get a 5*
    With 20 rolls, the expected count is 15.96 3*, 3.36 4* and 0.68 5*. Let me be optimistic and round up for the rarer dragons, letting him (or us) get 1 5*, 4 4* and 15 3*.

In total, we are expected to receive 99 2*, 27 3*, 4 4* and 1 5* as compensation.

With my team, I have 4 dragons at maxed ability levels and 1 at 7. All of them got hit (this is excluding my spare dragons mind you). Let us not even make the boldest assumption that all the dragons mentioned above are of the same colour, say purple for my poor murky, and even the 5* is a murky dupe. 2* drags feed to give 4% chance of leveling up ability; 6% for 3*, 8% for 4* and 25% for a dup.
Since we can only feed 10 at a go, I would get 9 chances to level up ability at a rate of 40% ( all 2*), 2 chances to level up at 60% (all 3*), 1 chance at 42% (9 2* and 1 3*), 1 chance at a 68% roll (the remaining 3* and 4*) and lets say i use the murky dupe to train so that the ability increasing rate is at 100%. So, what are the chances of my murky seeing an ability increase?

Note that I will NOT be using binomial distribution to calculate at this point, but rather a very crude calculation of expected rate of increase.

The calculation would be as follows:
9(0.4) + 2(0.6) + 1(0.42) + 1(0.68) + 1(1) = 6.9

Interpreting this value, it means that in the long run for all players (averaged), we can only expect to increase ONE dragon’s ability by 6.9 levels (lets bump it up to 7), should you get all the same colour dragon and even the dupe! This means that even in the case of an almost impossible scenario, the compensation is barely a compensation. Let us not forget that NO FISHES WERE COMPENSATED. Fish is one of the MOST important resource and constraint in this game. As a result, I it is obvious that for the extent of damage caused by the bug, the compensation is NOTHING in comparison to the loss on the parts of the player. So what should the devs do?

Here are some of my suggestions:

  1. Raise the levels of 5 dragons specified by the player to level 10.
  • this approach may cause some players to unintendedly benefit, but lets be honest here. We have suffered a great deal in wasting resources we can otherwise get if not for this bug. This is only the bare necessary they can do.
  1. Provide dups for us such that we can level up the dragons at 4(0.25) rate 10 times
  • this is highly unlikely, but one of the ways to give players abilities back should (1) be an impossible feat due to technical constraints
  1. Provide MORE compensation. From my calculations, it is 6.9 ability levels for 111 rolls. In order to get an expected ability level up of 50 ( for 5 dragons to max their abilities), we need to increase this amount by 7.24 times, or 804.3 rolls. This is EXCLUDING the fish that we MUST get in return. Fish wise, I have no good calculation, but using MY dragons as a benchmark, it takes 5450 fish to force feed a fully maxed dragon. In total, this would be around 4,381,800 fishes (804x5450)

In summary, the takeaway is that this bug is INCREDIBLY SEVERE and has setbacked quite a few players. However, the compensation is just NOT ENOUGH, not to say that they did not compensate us for fishes. While I do not wish to make a big fuss, the compensations are simply insufficient. I do hope that the devs can take into consideration of what I just said and compensate us players sufficiently.



if (dragon’s trained star == max star) {
if (dragon’s level == current star’s max level) {
set ability level = 10 }
else {
ability = random from 7 to 9}}
else ability = random from 4 to 6

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Gee wow, I wish I was hit by this bug, I wouldn’t mind trading some of my 3-star scrappers for 20 premium tokens!

I don’t want to get into your maths, but the bottom line is probably that this is ALL they can do about it. Seeing as they have refunded 500 runes for those who have clicked 10+1 basic drafts by mistake without actually TAKING BACK the dragons - they probably can’t do anything on the front-end. Like, not sure if they can actually add or delete dragons. Maybe it’s just the support that have strict guidelines that they can’t break(unless you have to be directly penalized), but still have to “recompense” people for the fear that these people will abandon the ship.

All they can do - is send resources that, sort of, should be enough. And for that many resources - I suppose some whale like Lightfury got his prized 5-star’s ability reset. Or maybe even a few of this 5-stars’. Because that’s a wagonload of resources.

Meanwhile, this reset doesn’t literally hurt you. Sure, your dragons will lose some of their tactical potential, but you can still feed them other dragons and relevel them as per normal. In fact… this is all you normally do. Instead - you are offered a chance of increasing your roster. I’d say it’s a fair compensation.

When will we be able to reset the toothless event? It looks like the event is on hold or something. I was only able to play the level I dont have enough points to complete. So I am loosing turns.

unfortunately, it is not as good as you think. Because we aren’t given fish, the upgrading of roster would not be immediate. Its not even close to being fair. For me, its them destroying my 3 fully maxed 3*, 1 almost fully maxed 4* and a 3 stared 5* in exchange for barely 4 fresh and useless 4*? Thats not a trade I would take. May you would like that trade but definitely not me

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Well, I am a budget person. I also have 3 maxed 3-stars, two of which I could use to burn fish now, because even without the Trust event - I’m swimming in fish. And my 4-star dragons are mostly… as is. I can’t max them, I’ve got 2 4s dragons from breeding in 3 months, and 1 useless(for me and in general) 4s dragon from a premium pack. For me - literally any chance to get some more LEGIT(and I consider buying drafts as illegal) ways of obtaining 4s+ dragons - is worth it. Because mundane stuff isn’t a problem, it’s all I’ve been doing.

Well for me I’m basically chronically short on fish and fodder so this update is disgusting

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I agree! This set back is so awful! I am really disappointed in the “compensation” they are offering us. If this had hit everyone equally I might not be so unhappy… but just a few of us have had their account decimated. This “compensation” does not encourage me to play as I did before… roll_eyes: