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Ability to breed more then 2 dragons at once

Hi Ludia team. I would like to request the ability to breed more then 2 dragons at a time. Especially when breeding 5* dragons 16-20 hours ties up the breedery SO long. We can hatch more then one color dragon egg at once so why not be able to breed 2 sets of dragons at once? Also it would be nice if breeding with a 5* dragon with a 4 or 5* dragon if you could take the 2* out. It sucks to wait that long and only get a 2* dragon out of it. Oh and for breeding hybrids it would be nice if in addition to fish we could use scales or something to increase our odds at getting the hybrid. For example say I were to breed the 5* skrill with the 5* rumblehorn and I added blue scales it would increase my odds of getting the 4* hybrid skillcrusher.


I would generally agree, except for a few corrections. 2star is only possible if you breed 4star+4star. Once you start breeding 4s+5s - you get 3star minimum.

Devs could make something like a 4-5star breeding slot and a 2-3star slot. Obviously you can’t use one for another, but you also will be able to resume breeding highlevels, while doing some daily “Breed 3 dragons” or “Breed X and Y”.


I would love for this to be an option