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Ability to Change Dino's Move sets


I think it could be interesting to change your move set for every dino… that way, when 2 indoraptors face off, one could be a level 25 the other a 21 and neither would know what move was coming at them if the player chose to change the moves…

Think of an indo that could slow down, stun or pounce instead of cleanse or evasive stance…

Of course, each move that would be possible would have to be close to the same level of move so one could not stack all the strong moves onto a dino to make it almost invincible…

basic attack could only be changed to another dino’s basic attack.
priority moves could only be replaced by priority moves.
specialty moves (stun, bleed, slow, etc) could only be replaced by specialty moves.
etc, etc…

In turn, this could potentially make any dino in the game useful in it’s own way…

Of course, there would still have to be a balance in the move sets to keep commons, rares, epics, legendaries and uniques in their own respective tier of power…

It could definitely increase the strategy needed to win battles…

Thoughts on this? Pros and cons? Again, this is just a thought I have had to mix things up… too many times I have fought the exact same dino at the exact same level… and it all comes down to who can press the icon faster… imagine a deeper level of strategy in these kinds of circumstances…


So, if I’m understanding this right, I could change my Indominus Rex’s APR to DSR and give it SIA DSR? Or better yet, I could give my V-Raptor DSR/APR instead of pounce?


Moves would have to be limited to dino types as well, you wouldn’t see a diplodocus with pounce or a velociraptor able to take down shields, etc, etc…

How the actual break down could or would go, I can say I haven’t given that part a ton of thought… swap in moves would only be able to change with swap in moves… so if no swap in move exists for that creature, you could not add a swap in move…

As I said, there are bound to be multiple idea’s as to how this could go wrong and how it could be good… the idea behind it is to shake up the game a little… not have everyone have an almost invincible dino…


Sorry I don’t think this will be usefull. Battles will be more “lucky based” instead of “skill based” like now (knowing the opponents’ moveset and understand what opponent choose so that you can counter the move is the best thing on the arena right now).
I am thinking about spinotasuco vs indoraptor (indor is about to use purifying so I am not gonna use letal wound on turn one or opponent will use basic attack cause he knows he can save this move when he really need it?)
Also utahsinoraptor vs allosinosauro: on turn two will utah use instant attack knowing he will always go first against my priority move or, knowing that I am saving instant move for turn three, he will go with critical impact?

I always think about that “Friends” gif I am not finding now :sweat_smile:

By the way, if they put this feature of “custumizing” moveset in every dino, 15 seconds won’t be enough (at least for me) to make a good strategy…


The way I had it thought up, it wouldn’t be an “anytime” you want to customize the moves… it would be say, when you evolve (or level it up whichever you want to call it) or by an item that would allow you to change the moves (one at a time) and it could either be randomized or by choice via a list of possible moves… So you would know your dino’s moves prior to the 15 seconds to choose in battle…

Again, that’s something I should have listed in the OP but just didn’t think of it at that point…


Actually I was talking about the opponent dinos moveset :slight_smile:
I need to know what opponent can do so that I can make a good strategy countering the opponent with my dinos’ moveset.


Don’t see pros in changing moves. Even if this option will be available, it will cost lots of coins/cash.
So there could be a dilemma changing a move or evolving a dino.

@SaraCuriosa Agree, predicting opponent moves is one of best things in game. Today I had some really good tactical fights.

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Then take tryo and give him evasive stance.
Give him long invincibility,
Instant distraction,
Swap and DSR


Instant distraction often has 1 cooldown. I think it should be 2.

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Like Pokémon? No, its just a bad idea, Pokémon has much more types, much more moves and much more general depth.
Also It would unbalance the game even more, as the only skillgap in the game Is being able to predict your opponent moves, good luck predicting your oppo moves if the movesets are different for each player.
It would be so cool with something similar to wow pet battles, where you can choose between two moves for each move slot, but we need a bigger move pool for that.


It does have 2 Cooldown… It’s 1 Delay


The idea would be interesting if we were talking about a big game for consoles, but it would make things so much more complicated in JWA… And the game is already big enough… I worry about each update, 'cause I’m afraid my mobile won’t take much more =(


No… just no…