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Ability to change your dragon TP rewards from the Alpha Chest

I’m not sure how you would feel about this, but I am only interested in completing my Book of Dragons quickly, and the fact that most dragons I’d like to get unlocked or at least get closer to unlocking by the time their event comes around is admittedly annoying for me. So I would like to put forward an idea so that you can choose the dragon you get in the AC trust points,if you have already obtained Maeve’s Buffalord. For example, if you have gotten the last copy of MB to wholly max it, but have yet to unlock Windshear, or even Cloudjumper, you can pick one of them to focus on getting TPs for, so you can have a decent amount of them stashed away for their respective events.

Please let me know what you think! :blush:


I like this idea especially since I’m currently on my 6th copy of Maeve’s, which makes decent fodder, but continually getting tp for her after having all copies seem like a waste of effort.

It could be implemented by you choose which tp dragon you’d want in a chest after you completely fill a chest.

Some may say “this will just be abused by clan-jumping cheaters”. Now this wouldn’t be possible if Ludia were to put a 24-hour cool down on joining a clan after leaving one, this would most likely discourage alpha-cheaters. Adding a cool down isn’t unreasonable, it makes plenty of sense, just limiting the number of clans you can join in a day to 3 isn’t enough and won’t waver abuse.


I have a question I have FC subscription and I buy the 2 day early event pack should I not get the 75 TP for that dragon when I complete my duties & clam my FC chest? Lost couple of events I haven’t got them including this most recent one.

Only seasonal dragons come in duty/alpha chests and arena. Regular TP dragons don’t


So does that mean that Shattermaster will be back again even though he is a special event? Just wondering if I need to get all 3 copies now or can take my time. I have plenty of the new dragons I’m needing to lvl all ready.

you can take your time, he isn’t a seasonal tp dragon, so he’ll be back in a couple months

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As always you come up with great ideas. I would want this for obvious reasons.

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Yeah, that would be pretty cool, especially for the players that have it at 5*, i think that they should at least release a new AC dragon.


Aw, thanks. :grin: