Ability to give all characters AC?

I keep encountering opponents in PvP where they just keep gaining AC for all of the characters at the start of their turns.

But I just cannot figure out where this ability is coming from? It doesn’t seem to be available to me, though I do admit I haven’t unlocked the bard yet, is it something she has?

It has gotten to the point where I’m doing basically nothing because they have 5 AC boosts stacked up on each character the opponent has.

Fighter epic weapon :slight_smile:

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Don’t forget the epic bracers too, granted just for the fighter but I got my AC on him to over 80k with taunt and the perking

Legendary Trinket for Halbernet has a chance to gives the entire team Block, which is often better than AC in many cases. Also Halbernet’s neck item that gives AC boost gets a super short cooldown at high levels.