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Ability to go back


I am looking at previous battle arenas and thinking it could be good for my team if I were to fall back a couple of levels to get their incubators instead of my current arena. It would be a good idea to allow the ability to choose arena - BUT before you all say hell no we dont want level 20 raptors in arena 2 (lol does anyone even have a level 20? A level 18 totally mangled me 3-0 once) it also makes sense to cap the level of dino allowed back in there - for example my current team is all level 12 -15 so if I wanted back into arena 2 then they are automatically capped (one level below what you would expect to find in that arena). This would allow us to switch between arenas for the incubators we want and also keep it a fair fight. Any thoughts??

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Just lose until you are in the arena you want.


@HeldBack see where you are coming from with that but my point is thats not fair to others in that arena. Atm I am level 10 and my team is levels 12 - 18, if I drop back to arena 2 to collect incubators it’s crazy unfair on everyone I battle in there so I wouldn’t do that . . . .


With arena exclusive dinos I feel thats how the game is made. I cant find the irritator in the wild so I have to go down to arena 2.


Just change your team to more level-appropriate dinos. Experiment with some you’ve never fielded before. That’s what I did when I dropped arenas; besides, playing level 1 dinos versus level 5-7 dinos is actually pretty entertaining when you win :wink:

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I’m in badlands but irritator seems to be the most common dna I’m getting from the battle incubators.

You probably have a higher chance to get the dna being in a lower arena, due to less options, but you can still get from later incubators


@Poxinabox OMG I am such an idiot, why did I not just realise that? :rofl: Of course I can play with my lower levels!!
Also I just realised this morning I missed one of the exclusives on the way up and dont have her at all, so will be fixing that right away!

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@Huz am after amargywhatsit to upgrade my hybrid and havn’t had any of that dna for ages. Also just realised I missed the exclusive for arena 3 so I will be needing that too lol. This game just got a whole bunch more fun for me, am gonna enjoy going up and down the arenas to hunt dna :grin:


@HeldBack yes and I just spotted trex and velociraptor is in the boxes for level 1 - I was never gonna get them high enough level to make indom BUT now I just might :wink:


@TJay Yup, and it’s a lot of fun when you know you’re specifically trying to lose, but want to actually play… and confoundingly frustrating because even on my way down I won with under-leveled dinos often enough to make it a slooooooow descent!

I thought about falling behind again for the Stygmoloch; I got a grand total of 15 DNA for it the entire time I was in Arena 3. Maybe I’ll do it again soon!

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@Poxinabox That’s the same one I never got any dna for in arena 3 :joy::joy:

And today I have been loosing in style but sometimes accidentally winning too - colour me shocked that a level 5 tarbosaur actually killed some level 12-15 critters :joy::joy::joy::joy: It’s hard work to loose consistently and I have found some really low level critters that I love which I totally ignored before! I have only gone down 1 arena after a ton of matches :see_no_evil:

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You can lose easily by just switching dinos all the time. Hur that is so boring so I usually try to play bad and then I win by accident.


Do the challenges get harder as you move up to higher arenas or is it the same for everyone? My next win will put me in arena 4 and the challenges are often too hard for me already. I’m thinking I should drop some trophies to keep it manageable.


Beware! I’m falling down with that flock! :joy:

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They are the same, regardless of arena. They just become easier as you advance. Am currently level 13, 39xx trophies. At my level, they are all a piece of cake!


The band of misfits of the day :wink: #fallingdeeper #lockdown

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Hi, what do you think about this notice?

My experience: I’m fighting at the arena lvl 5 for few days - mostly get 8h incubators, won 24h once - no DNA for lvl 5 of this guy:


I’m done with downshifting - disappointing incubator DNS at lower levels :frowning:

Going back to the Sorna, beware!! :joy:


I’ve occasionally thought about what I would consider improvements to the current arena system and have come up with three points:

  • The matchmaking is improved so that instead of fighting someone +/- 400 trophies it would be more like +/- 100 trophies. I realise this could create issues with matching opponents but if a match can’t be made, a message along the lines of “No player found” could pop up before the match starts indicating the battle will be with a bot (which could also be improved come to think of it). I’d wager that most people wouldn’t mind fighting a bot every now and then if the game was honest about it.

  • We have the choice of which arena we battle in and the incubators we earn only contain DNA from the dinos of that arena. This would provide a greater sense of agency as you have the ability to choose which dinos you could get. The amount of DNA and what dinos would still be random but you would have better odds of getting what you need.
    As to what happens when opponents choose different arenas, as I understand it, the backgrounds match the current arena a player is currently in, so extent that to cover prizes. The player earns DNA based on the arena they selected so one player could earn DNA from arena 4 whereas their opponent gets DNA from arena 7 for example.

  • We no longer loose trophies when we are defeated. This will eliminate downshifting and insure that no one is having to fight ridiculously over levelled dinos as the matchmaking depends on trophy count, which given the first improvement I suggested would provide a fairer indication of a player’s capability.

Just my thoughts.


What is the exclusive for arena 3?