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Ability to purchase Dino’s via dna


It would be great if any Dino that has been hatched on your account could then be available for purchase via dna, Dino’s like the titan boa seem to be impossible to get. The new gold Dino’s are great, I just wish the ones I have could be purchased now to try to get them to level 40.

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Most dinos have to be unlocked: either through the battle stages, through the weekly events, through tournaments, or through Clash of Titans. The VIP Diamond Fidelity pack creatures (most of which can be purchased in the 10k VIP packs) are the sole creatures that cannot be unlocked (to my knowledge) by some means or another. To be sure, some of the weekly/tournament/Clash unlocks might only happen once or twice a year.


@Concise619 what @HanSoloWannaBe is referring to are the unlock symbols on my screen shot below:

These icons on the battle event mean you will unlock the ability to purchase that creature for DNA in the market. Generally the even to unlock a creature comes around once a year, every week is an opportunity to unlock at least one creature. The battle event, I think it is called the arena is another way to unlock creatures for purchase.

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