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Ability to reduce speed boosts in raid lobbies

Hi All,

All of us are striving to make our creatures faster for PvP by using speed boosts. While that is good, one of the major challenges we are facing is that a lot of these boosted creatures become useless in raids. For instance, a fast thor or a fast morty cant be used in apex raids if its mostly faster than a tuora or an irri/tryo. At the same time a slow thor or a slow morty is gonna get knocked out in PvPs. Case inpoint is the refrenantum raid, wherein we had this particular problem, as most of the morty in our alliance were super fast, hence could not be used with a slower tuora. Same issue with trebax raid, if thor is faster than tuora.

My recommendation is that perhaps we can have the capability to reduce our speed boosts only for a raid, in the raid lobby. So lets say my Morty is at 132 speed, it should allow me to select a speed anywhere between the base speed and 132. I think perhaps this would be feasible as the request is only to reduce speed not increase it.

Maybe others also have faced the same issue.


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We all have the same issue, but it’s a choice we have to make… Either be faster in Pvp and crush those who have not speeded up their Thor/Morterm/etc, or do all the raids and be crushed in PvP. It’s part of the game. Not sure I would want Ludia to add more code (and likely more bugs) just so we can all have super fast dinos in PvP and still use them in raids. Sometime in life, you have to make choices…