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Ability to reset a dinos stat boost at will

Like this post if you agree that Lydia should allow us players to reset the stat boost on a creature we will never use again


I definitely think there should be an option even if it costs HC to do so.

May I ask what is HC

Hard Cash. The green bucks in game.

Thanks for the meaning

Anytime. :slight_smile:

The amount of HC used to reset the stat boost should be a small amount per stat boost

I would like to think that but I doubt that would happen. Ludia is a business and businesses survive by making money. Boosts, a decent amount of them at any rate, need to be purchased. It would not help on a financial level to have it be cheap to swap back boosts unless they were wiped by removing them, meaning you would have to buy fresh.

If it is ever implemented, then it needs a serious think through as to how it can work for both Ludia and the player base equally.

For that reason this game is condemned to be more p2w that Initially was. I hope trend changes and let f2p players play without many restrictions. Only with abuse of effort.

Ok. Even though ludia is trying to make more money, in the long run the profit the people work there may decrease. People in the future may be more careful with their money and may think that buying something in game that will only last a short while with real money is less worth than buying something in real life that may last them a few years , resulting in them not using their money, resulting in ludia not earning as much money and the profit will decrease dramatically. Eventually after a long time ludia may collapse.

A lot of people have asked for something to be done about swapping boosts, so we’ll just have to wait and see if they can do something to keep people happy.

Alright then

I think there should be a delete button for ALL stats boosts in this game

Kinda think there is a Hc option call buy more boost from the store , Daaah. And besides that it would make it so you wouldnt need to get more boost if you just have the option to move them from dino to dino. Boost was put in game for them to make money on not for a free get ahead in game tool , which for the people who dont do there daily battles loose out on most there free boost , so there loss , think there the ones crying the most about boost anyways. My thought on this