Ability to select your party for Arena fights

I know that the arena is designed to randomly select your heroes for your party. But it’s very frustrating having the lower level chars being selected. I would love to have the ability to select my party.


Totally agree. It’s to the point where I’m not looking forward to unlocking new characters/liabilities. Which seems wholly against the spirit of the game.

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That makes zero sense. Why would you have random characters?

I LIKE the randomised PvP team. It forces you to not rely on a specific charcter’s gimmick.

It forces you to manage all of your characters; this wouldn’t be an issue if it wasn’t an issue to do just that. It’s all rooted in how stingy the game is, though.


I totally second this statement. I’ve played a LOT of F2P games over the last 5 years, and spent a few bucks on them even. But I haven’t done that yet with Warriors just because it seems to me that that would be the ONLY way to progress, and I don’t think it’s fair. I’m ok with F2P games that will give free players a slower pace, but my issue here is how slow that pace is. There has to be a balance, a fair one, which I haven’t seen here so far, unfortunately.

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Such an odd design choice. You don’t get enough gold to keep improving all heroes and it is constantly choosing my lesser heroes. With this design the arena will just be pay to win.

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It’s a specific design to force you to level up all your characters and force you to have to buy gems to do.

What is the penalty for losing other then losing some trophies?

You can just keep going again till you win and get your chest right ?

This totally ruins the pvp experience