Ability to sell ALL unused cards (weapons, gear etc) to Durnan

It is really frustrating to only be able to sell a limited number of cards to Durnan. There are items (weapons, gear etc) that I will never use after acquiring the Epic or Legendary versions. So why would I logically keep them around, when they could give me coinage to them level up and fighter better in Battles??
Please rethink this and add the ability to sell all unused items.


I’m inclined to agree to allow us to sell back all items, even at half the sellback cost if it meant we don’t have to wait.

However, keep this in mind, you will outpace your legendaries with commons and rares at some point in terms of pure stats, so they are only really used for a limited time. Unless you’re spending thousands, don’t expect to use your legendaries end game. Some common and rare effects are better than the epics and legendaries and this is more true after the recent changes to gear. I recommend scanning their stats to see which pieces are better in terms of abilities, because every gear maxes out at the same stats.