Ability to unlock tournament creatures

So, I decided to do the acanthostega clash of titans months ago and I completed it, but when I was going to buy another one, it said that for unlocking it I had to pass the battle stage of level 85, I think this is pretty bad, because I can’t finish tournaments in dominator league, because I’m from Colombia and in here the tournaments ends like at 6 am, so my only chance of unlocking tournament creatures is by the Clash of titans, and that happened also with the mosasaurs, I didn’t tried because I knew that the same will happen and unfortunately the dinosaurs that most people vote for are the ones that for unlocking them you need to pass the battle stage, like zalmoxes, mossasaurs, etc, so pls help.

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Hi! Send in a ticket to support+jurassicworld@ludia.com and be sure to include your support key. They will give you an unlock for those CoT.

Thank you! I already wrote my email, let’s hope I receive them

Do u have any screenshots of you doing the COT? If u have attach them wil the e-mail.

I don’t have screenshots of me doing it, but I do have screenshots of me receiving and opening the pack and when it appears that the creature is now able to buy in the Dino market

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Attach them to the email. You will get the unlocks don’t worry. This has happened to a lot of players including me. And i didn’t realize this is your first post so
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JAJAJA, thanks a lot

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I feel you

I wish they let you pick which dinos you want to unlock

How many of you have the scapopnagathus unlocked

the legendary one? I have it at level 20 but I haven’t unlocked it yet

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