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Able to request epic dna if not also legendary

It wouldn’t be op if you could cus you can only request dna every so often and it also you have to own the creature to request dna. It would be most helpful for times like theses or give us more dna in sanctuary’s .

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I’ve been trying to suggest Epic donations for ages but it gets shot down every time. Too concerned that cheaters will abuse it but do they abuse Rare’s and Common’s?

I don’t think legendary creatures should be trades as those sort of hybrids should be earned the long way.


legendary is too op. maybe once a week for epic.


Why not ocence a day for epics. And yea legendarys might be to op.

Or every 2 days.

I’d be happy with just Epic donations are weekends.

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Same dude ild be ok with that to as long as we can request epic dna.

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If they do legendary you should be able to do it monthly.

Epics: Only on weekends
Legendaries: Once a Week
Unique: Once a month


That would be good.

Dude but you already grinded to get the legendary because there hybrids and if you already own them like you can do with rares and commons then you should be able to request em plus you can’t put hybrids in sanctuary’s.

I agree but trading would make them too easy to get. I see the point of working towards them rather than being handed them.

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