Able to use our Boss in any battle?

I know this may be a year late, but I think we should be able to use our hard earned Boss Dinosaur’s in any special event-PvP they already have animations to come in as the next Dinosaur, after the last one was defeated, so it’s set and done, and yes, people tell me the cooldown would make it, a bit to op, but I know they can make it to where Bosses need to cooldown after battle usage in special events, or PvP, while leaving the cooldowns alone for the Bosses own battle area, while disabling the special power ups they get, can be used in mod battles however.
Also hoping to see Alpha 06 be playable on halloween this year, as last year I was kind of hoping we’d get to unlock Alpha 06 on halloween.

If they were to have made bosses playable anywhere they would’ve done it already and also it would ruin some people’s lineups and PvE battles

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