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Abnormal Cooldown on Daily Missions and Mod Cost Reset

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I would sometimes randomly get this glitch where my Daily Missions cooldown and mod cost reset cooldown becomes insanely long. Is there a way to resolve this problem?


Restart your phone?

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You can contact and send them screenshots if prior to restarting it still persists, remember to send in your Support Key as well so that they can clarify it better.

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that mistake happened to me today. did you manage to fix it?

I have these bugs too. The whole time I thought the cooldown time for the mods would be normal. I contacted the ludia support about the daily missions. Maybe they should do that too. I also had another mistake that I didn’t get any new trades. Do you also have the bug?

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Yes, me too. I only had one offer that expires in 1 day and 6 hours. maybe it will return to normal after that time. but the daily missions are a lot longer … I contacted support today, I am waiting for an answer

Ludia Support gave me bug 44 daily mission packs as an apology and compensation for the daily missions. Now i’m afraid i won’t get any new missions until those 44 days are over. That would be unfair.

this is really very very sad … it is probably what will happen to me, it made me sad. i already had 700 trophies in the vip tournament and i have 0 after this bug. today is not being a good day in my park

Yes, I was previously given a bunch of Daily Mission packs as well, but the bug was not fixed. I was told vaguely that it was because I was using a third party software like BlueStacks to play the game. But I’d stopped using BlueStacks for a while and the bug persisted.

Now this stupid bug is back. My daily missions timer is back to 49 days and my trades are not renewing. Ludia please fix this!

Again? Omg