Abolish it!

If you don’t like the topic please move on don’t be a tantrum flag waving looney!

Personally I think the flagging power should be removed from forum members due to biasness and as well as those who are just control freaks…


I agree. I’m sick of having to read text that is so light that it is hard to read all because someone disagreed with them and it wasn’t even inflammatory or whatever…


I agree. I’ve had that happen to me on occasion. When it happens once, it’s annoying. Twice, even more annoying. Three times, you’re trolling. Four times, and you’re just trying to show off. It’s not even funny anymore…

Some people just get so upset over the tiniest disagreements here. If the flagging ability were taken away, it might make things a bit more tolerable. But then, there’s the notorious Ludia auto-filter - random death to posts across the board. If anything needs to be abolished, it’s this.


Yep! Some on here are just so obsessed with themselves they will use the flag trump card to shut you down…It would seem they are missing the necessary skill sets to have an exchange, a debate or simply just let someone else cast their opposing viewpoints without it being taken as personal challenge with a few here…as sad as that is! There only protection seems to be the flag to keep them from being overwhelmed.


I agree the forum filter is way to sensitive as well. This is a forum where exchange should flow freely of course without profanity or calling names etc…Just a few on here though believe it’s their personal forum and will flag you just because they have the ability to do so! If everyone threw flags could you imagine that? Be a very quite forum…If a forum member believes a post is out of line they should only be allowed to report it and the monitors should review and take whatever steps at that point. Even against the complainer If is was just an attempt to cause trouble just because they personally don’t agree with you.


Everyone is too easily offended these days… giving them “flagging power” just enables this.

Please allow people to grow up and get some thicker skin…


I agree…

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The only thing wrong with letting people grow up some just don’t want to and try to make your life as miserable as theirs…

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i mean it’s needed sometimes. but seems like it only takes like 2 flags before a post is hidden. should be like 10. and if it was so terrible, it should be harder to read than just clicking a link that says “click to show content”.

and sometimes your post won’t have anything bad at all, but will get auto-flagged, while someone will literally spell out curse words and it won’t be flagged :thinking: :confused:

Maybe that would work make a 10 flag option…idk It seems there a certain group of members that infamous for being flag waving loonies…One will show then the whole gang comes there only contributions to the conversation at all is just to be agitators with flags!

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The new thread I made for Halloween to go along with my Q&A thread just got whacked by the auto filter. THE WHOLE THREAD!! That thing has got to go.


Moderators review ALL flags and ALL threads/ replies that get caught by the filter.

We love the communities input but use our own judgement before taking action on a flagged item. There is a limit as to how many flags a users can tigger in a day to prevent abuse and those who flag incorrectly are given less flags per day.

I have seen the suggest to up the flag count before a post is hidden and that is definetly something we can do!

I will entertain all reasonable requests in this topic for possible improvements to our system.


merci, jc.

Well here it is…JC is offering to looking into reasonable request to improve the non sense flagging and or revise auto filter too I think? I hope everyone will give their thoughts about how the flagging can be improved or simply removed. Basically, if I flag was just a mere device to signal a possible policy being broken, instead being a blunt force means to disrupt a legit Topic / post I that would end it. The flag if they are reviewed as stated by JC and or other UNBIASED monitors should do the the trick end all non sense flagging! Works for me…As far as the Auto forum filter unfortunately there’s does have to be a safety net for the unruly…However if the correct algorithms were applied the filter could more fine tuned eliminate so many false flags…here’s my thoughts for starters JC
I might add anyone caught abusing the flag for mere disruptive purposes should be permanent ban from having the ability to flag period!

My posts are auto-filtered all the time, but they are often approved within a few minutes. I’ve only been actually flagged once, and I’m not even sure why because the topic was very lighthearted.

According to monitor Jay who allowed my post to be hid den until my current (revised version) here told me I should take advantage of the flagging opportunities right along with the rest of flag waving loonies …This would be a very quite place indeed! I would rather have an intellectual exchange not hide behind a flag… I am sure once again I have said something wrong here and do expect this to be flagged, banished, hidden, a siege set against it with a encampment of flag waving loonies …:clown_face::golf::golf::golf:

Thank you @J.C for reaching out to us!

it’s only really annoying during an ongoing conversation and a reply gets flagged and it takes 8 hours for a mod to approve it :joy:


True 10101

I do appreciate everyone input perhaps it will help the monitors see some change is certainly needed…This is truly one of the more lopsided forums I associate with. No other member should be able to be disruptive or try to control a conversation by the use of a flag!

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