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About 5* Hybrids

I’m about to max my team consisting of 3 star dragons (i don’t have any 4 star yet) and hit the top of my power so i’ll be stuck for a while until i get a lucky breed. In preparation for that, i’ve bred 2 copies of each 3* hybrid so i can directly work my way up to a 5* later.

My question is if someone knows the stats, abilities and color of all the 5* hybrids as that would help me to decide which dragons to breed first and not waste my resources. Likewise if their abilities are of no use for my goal i might as well breed a normal dragon.

Any help is appreciated, thanks beforehand.

That’s actually very helpful, thank you very much.

Check the Wiki: I haven’t fully updated it yet, but it is happening. The spreadsheet @Talisax posted is alright.