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About ability "Weakest ally gains..."

Hello, I have a question about this type of ability.

If a team has a dragon with less HP but a higher percentage of HP than the other, then who gets the bonus?
Sounds hard? Let’s imagine a situation.

There are Toothless and the Light Fury in one team. First one has 1000/1528 HP (which means that he have ~65% of his HP) and the second one has 900/1138 HP (79%).
Night Fury has higher HP, but less percentage of HP, than Light Fury.
And Fendmender uses his ability (weakest ally gains +20% bonus health).

Who will receive bonus health?

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I wish I could help but I don’t get your point :man_shrugging:

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I think it’ll be the one that has % wise the lowest hp so probably Toothless. (But maybe you should try testing it out?)

EDIT: tested this with Fireshrike, Muck and tumble and Anveil.

Fireshrike had 554/846 hp (65.4%) while MuckandTumble had 549/680 hp (80.7%)
The result was that Anveil healed Fireshrike