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About alpha energy reset

The minority living on the other side of the planet feels a little upset about alpha energy reset time. Though I get better rewards now because I get to open better chests, I have to change my schedule to keep my rank to get as many keys as before, which is a little inconvenient. So if I join a clan located somewhere else, will the time of new alpha coming out change?

Koreans like me always defeat their enemies at 1 a.m. therefore they feel so very tired

Unfortunately the time an alpha spawns is set in USA Eastern time, and it doesn’t matter where your clan is based the time is always the same, I believe.

In the past I can just use up energy some time earlier before the alpha battle ends and nearly everyday get to attack 6 times, now I have to stay up late to wait for alpha energy reset. I hope the devs can consider our situation. With one energy less than others we hardly get a chance to get higher rank.

My alpha energy renews every 4 hours as before, the only difference is that I get additional energy when the alpha spawns (if I don’t already have 3 waiting to go). Or is that the problem, because of when the alpha spawns you already have full energy so can’t take advantage of ‘extra’?

If I sleep at normal time, I would attack a few hours after the reset and therefore attack a few times less than others. I am not in those top clans which can kill the 10* alpha in hours therefore always getting full energy when reset. If so I would be now asking for more alpha health so I can at least get one attack when I wake up.