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I would like to know why battle is such a pain now ? I have no pleasure playing it. I’m same trophy level since 1,5 month, I’m stucked. I win 2-3 battle then lose like 3-6 in a row and I’m against 2-4 level more than me player.
When I win I get 25-29 trophy and when I loose, it’s -30-35 trophy.
It’s nice to play a game which make you loosing easier than winning
That’s sad because I like challenge, but a game where you can’t progress is really crap.

I was hoping to reach 4250 but it’s like I’m claiming for god

And event will restart and I will again loose 200 trophy and fight against crazy level. Wouhou can’t wait

Maybe something will change it could be great because the game is really nice and fights are interesting.


I’m hoping that with the second tournament now over that the Arena will settle down and be a bit more fun. I still doubt I’ll get out of the Sorna Marshes but I might enjoy battles again.

If you fight a lower opponent (lower trophies) you will win less trophies or lose less trophies. If you fight a higher opponent you win more or lose more. Therefore, there is a higher expectation that you may lose to someone higher which is why you probably lose more trophies regularly.

As for being stuck, well i’ve experienced that myself several times, and all it comes down to is spending time focusing on getting dna and leveling your team instead of focusing on trophy count. If you only focus on arena battles for incubator you’ll find you probably lose less times as you fight less frequently and in the meantime you are doing what is important, building up your team.

3/4 fights they are better than me, I’m level 14 my team 16-20.
And if fight against indoraptor level 22 stegodeus level 24. It’s very fair play
I will stop this game I think until it’s fixed I think because I don’t take pleasure any more in figthting, just waiting for death


Sounds like a new tournament is bound soon… so may not be much pause. Last one came two weeks after the first one :confused:

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I don’t see any problem with the arena.
Everything looks fine…

Battles feel substantially harder for me at the 5k border than they were Saturday.

I think that when you play a lower player, you win less trophies, but lose more trophies… When you play a higher player, you win more trophies and lose less… I could be wrong though…

I think the Arena has become easier since the Tournament ended. I dropped from 120ish on Friday to finishing 230ish when it ended. I’m noticing far fewer level 27-29 Indoraptor and other such elite creatures. Seems the hiding hardcore heavy hitters have gone back to their lairs.
Back around 150-160 now.

Ok so I gave another try, I made 5 battles : 5 lost
As I said I’m level 14 and my opposants were : 2x17, 2x16, 1x15.
So still again level of Dino’s 3-6 more than me, like utasinoraptor level 20 for my enemy vs mine level 16.
So I lost 300 trophy in a day because of that. Can Ludia tell me is that normal ? Please ? Do you play your game ?

Oddly enough enough im having a harder time at 4900 to 5k than i was just after the tournament at 5100.

Lots and lots of overlevelled dinos (so many 29 stegos…)

Idk where they came from.

That’s really weird. I’m at 51XX and the last 2 Stegodeus I faced were 26 and 24.
The end of the tournament is having some strange effects on the Arena lol

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I haven’t noticed any difference in the Arena since the tournament ended. Whether that is because players haven’t changed their teams back to something more normal or not I don’t know. It still feels pointless to play in there at the moment.

Time seems to play some sort of factor, im fscing more normal (lvl 27 stegos ajd lvl 23 teams) stuff now.

Edit: spoke too soon


I want to face the 24 and 26 stegos you are lol. Right now 5k is a crab basket.

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I’ve heard Ludia is raising chocolate rations from 3 to 2 units per month.


Now that im 51xx as well, i see stuff like this:

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Told ya :joy: 101010

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In the last 12 hrs, I lost like numerous battles. Super bad RNG for me too. I keep facing off a few opponents who have a team about 3-4 levels higher.

What is going on??

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@ Rathelon

Brilliant, I have no words.