About BDNA - I hope Ludia doesn't run with us

So about that BDNA pick-up system…

Well what we can’t affect are that daily missions. If I count right 200 missions should take you 25 days. In 25 days we should able to do the others missions. So we can say we can get that boss after 25 days I hope ludia know it. But there are two problems. We can’t participate that code 19 (I will probably buy a lowest amount BDNA because this) 2. Even we will unlock that boss we need other BDNA to level him up. I hope missions reset after unlocking and we can do missions again. Also hope timer for boss change will be to long same as in SDNA is, or it will be like: We unlock boss missions done, new boss is here unlock him etc… And then that unlocked boos appears again we can finally evolve him​:thinking::thinking::thinking:
Also don’t understand, why there already are events for boss when we need least 25 days to unlock if you aren’t a hacker? It looks like Ludia support hackers then


You can buy BDNA for Real Money


The prices do seem insane though, it makes me wonder if there are actually players buying these high cost items, because if they werent ludia would be putting the costs down.

This is good though as it makes me feel the game will last and be around for a lot longer than expected hopefully


bec you re ambasador for Ludia I understand why you say this. :smiley: Prices to amout of BDNA are funny… as i say i will buy that most lowest amout BDNA because code 19 and thats all. I Pay Vip + fidelity and sometimes i buy 20k cash that have sense for (fidelity was for personal trial and i will storno it) so vip and cash its only two things that worth it, sorrybut your prices are crazy and non-sense.


I agree. That’s why I don’t pay them. I’m just saying that there is a pathway toward unlocking the Boss immediately other than hacking.

For the record, I’m not a Ludia employee. I’m a forum member just like you.


Not really. Some people will pay.

I would guess they did the math on $5 people vs $100 people and found it was better than 20:1, so $100 it is.

Personally, I wouldn’t pay $5 for just a boss… so…


That’s what I was trying to explain, judging by these overpriced items that havent really budged over the past few years makes me wonder that ludia is actually getting alot of sales from them.

I agree I wouldnt pay £5 for the boss but if theres people that have the money they would pay 100 for it.

As a prior ambassador for the forum I can say with certainty that being an ambassador does not make you a Ludia employee.

Some people will pay for the new shiny thing, also it’s Christmas so it’s possible some kids are telling their parents “all I want for Christmas is some BDNA on my favorite mobile game”.

It’s no coincidence that this got released in December and the only way to obtain it quickly is either shell out some cold hard cash or be an unscrupulous player and do what shall not be mentioned in the forums.