About boss event?

Does the ultimate objection get harder when the boss I choose has different level?

Just like Omega level 40 or juggernaut level 10. Do these two creatures make the opponents different?

I think it is based on either you strongest or your average.

Oh, I see. Thank you.

I used to only have a lvl 31 omega and lvl 21 jugger and the dinos i faced were like lvl 25 but as soon as i got a lvl 11 valk my opponent’s levels went to like 19/20 so it is based on your average

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I think it’s capped at a certain threshold (this is just a feeling, I have not gone through and actually collected data on this).

My experience is that the events get harder up to a point and then they sort of freeze in difficulty. For instance here are my bosses:

I find that Salamander seems to work best on all the wave events as they tend to have a higher mix of Carnivores that I face but also his attack to health ratio is great.

I have recently increased my Juggernaut from around lvl 45 to where it is now and I have seen no change in the difficulty of the events. Which leads me to the point earlier that I think once you take your bosses to a certain level (~40) the events don’t continue to get harder and their difficulty gets frozen which I am perfectly happy with as it allows me to take a semi mindless approach to them now. This is for both the wave events and the events where you face three bosses which usually I am facing opponents that are lvl 36-40 even though my bosses are all above that range.


Thank you for the information.

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Thank you.

A follow up questions about bosses, when should I unlock my first one? I believe I just got all the missions done today for the first boss.

I unlock each boss as soon as i have done all his missions. In this case i have gotten all the B-DNA from its missions, so no further reason to wait. By ulocking you get new missions for another boss.
If it is your first boss you unlock 3-day missions. In those you can get some extra B-DNA.

Once you unlock a boss and open the next set of missions to unlock the next boss make sure of two things:

  1. Do not use the BDNA mission rewards to unlock the next boss to level a current boss.
  2. Do not unlock the next boss until you have completed all of the missions available, even if you have enough Boss DNA to do so.

You will start getting BDNA from the three day missions so you will naturally reach the amount needed to unlock the next boss prior to finishing all the missions if you haven’t done any leveling of a current boss. You can either then spend some BDNA to lvl a current boss until you get below the unlock amount or if you track how much you are getting on the three day missions you can spend that along the way. But the unlock missions will give you the exact amount you need to unlock the next boss. If you use those rewards to lvl a current boss you will have a long wait to unlock the next boss based on the rate at which you can earn BDNA through the three day missions.


Thanks for the explanation. So I am good to unlock the first boss? It doesn’t affect my overall ferocity or anything like that?


Bosses stand outside your team’s ferocity because you can’t use them on normal events. Unlocking the boss won’t affect your battle difficulty.