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Hello everyone, I’m looking for some tips about Breedy Dragons

I’m using two Thunder-rum 3 star to make a “Wave Maker” but I cant get it, is there any chance for it ? 50 times are used but no 4 Star Dragon T_T

Please help !!!

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Hmm I think that you’re just really unlucky D: keep breeding and you’ll eventually get it! It took me some time to get a 4 star nadder through breeding, so this might be your case too

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99% unlucky :sleepy::sleepy::sleepy:

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I already have Waveshaker. It’s really hard to get him. Yesterday I’ve spent 1440 runes and got 1 Warcry and 10 2* thunderdrums. I need only last one to train him to 4*

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To my understanding the breedery works kinda like the draft in a way. The higher star dragon your trying to get the harder it gets. But I do know from experience that you will have higher chances of breeding sqy a 3* fanghook for example if you breed two 3* fanghooks. My advice is to keep breeding until you have a duplicate of your 5* dragon and then breed those two dragons together. Don’t level up your stars until you have your third. It should help increase your chances.

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When you breed 2 5 star dragons… at the minimum you can get a 3 star.

if you need another hookfang however, just use the 3 star purple eggs, and wait 16 hours for them to hatch

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Thank you guys, I’m still trying to get it with 2 War-Cry, but Its hard, very hard, I’m level 31 now but I dont have any 4 star dragon

I just spent 4000k runes to draft but only get 2 Four star Dragons, 8 Three star Dragons T_T.

BTW thanks for your advice !

Guess I’m pretty lucky on breeding 4* dragons. All dragons in my roster are upgraded into max by using 4* dragon from breeding.

Just keep on trying and one day later u will get the dragons you want.


Good game, Well Played ! :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

Are you sure that u dont buy any rune ? T_T

I did spent in game to buy a few bundles when I got leveled. Up to now total spent around USD70 including flight club subscription.

This game could be F2P but just that the progress will be slightly different with others that had spent.

I didnt spend any rune to the game, play free only, thats why I’m not getting luck perhaps :frowning:

Then I shall wish you good luck! Even play free but luck is still important element in this game :grin:

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Thank you for your advice :smiley:

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