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About coins and dinos that u never find


How is possible from level one to ten still to receive 36 coins when the upgrade for dino is over 15000 or 20000 i have over 24 dinos for upgrade and i dont see way to collect them when the big price in the arena is 10000 but i cannot defeat the final round becouse i have to upgrade but not enough coins so it is closed circle and i think to stop playing this game,honestly now i am playing more more rare, i am loosing motivation and also there are some dinos that i never ever met it will be great if there is option to have location or navigation to the kind that u are looking for


do you spin everystop including event stops till you reach your max for the day?


Of course even in battle arena everyday i reach the limit in the beggining is perfect but when u have to upgrade level 16 17 and ur strike team is eight dinos the upgrade is quite expensive so i am waiting for battle arena but i can win only blue one for small price for yellow one u have to defeat dinos which are over 20 level or higher and u can loose twice then game over or pay… and waiting for the next arena … so it is close circle waiting very long time or investing money all the time still have 24 dinos for upgrade some of them for level 16 and 17


Ludia pushing people to pay, even if your selective in your upgrades not enough cash to go around…

It would be better if the cash increased with the levels, the incubators cost more as you level, why not increase cash reward.


This is what i do: pile up coins over the week, as much as i can. I wait to see which epic strike dinos i have to fight, upgrade the counters which i can later use for fusing… and some of them are my primary strike team

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So my dinos are almost 30 that i have to upgrade so they are increasing even the strike team i cannot upgrade some i have to upgrade. 4 levels up and more but lack of coins there is no sense to collect more dna it looks like this game comes to the end for me :wink: if I continue next week will be 40 :slight_smile: and so on …


I have 69 dinos to power up (evolve). Most are useless, some are ingredients for hybrids and then those from battle team.
I hardly hit max daily limit as there is not so many stops in my area. Doing every strike event though, but I’m already that far that hardest are challenging but doable.
Problem with coins starts powering up mons past lvl 18.


So there are no changes from thirty now i have almoat 50 dinos for upgrade some of them with 20000 dna collected four from my strike team needs upgrade to level 19 one 20 so this are a huge amount of money even if u do ur daily strike awards it is not possibel to collect them so i am loosing sense to collect dna any more no chance to improve and by going in higher level the awards does not goes up enough slowly slowly loosing the regular players …


Don’t worry about the 50 Dinos you can’t upgrade.

As far as coins, maxing gold each week nets me 140k and 350 Dino cash.


It’s getting even better. I’m floating around 80 dinos to evolve, currently 86.

You really need to spin a lot to max daily coins/cash.


So it is better to read books than to spend more time here by the way i have just upgrade my diplotator to level 18 and they decreased his life from 3000 to 2000 … that was really very nasty … and some other changes to dinos that i spent so many hours to collect dna and coins to upgrade …


I found a bug for a long time and there is no change

this is happening very often to me so the dino goes in to the arena and it is untouchable :slight_smile: Diplocalus is into the circle it is happening with different especially when i am using a scent it is not so pleasant


i am so happy that this bug is already fixed :wink: