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About counterparts

Hello everyone!

Sorry if this have been answered before but I couldn’t find it!

In the past I didn’t know that there are counterparts for the characters so I just swipped right to Daniel Anderson. The other day I just found out that Ryan Byrne is his counterpart and I like him more.

The question is: If I spent gems in the story of Daniel Anderson and I unmatch him and then I match Ryan Byrne, do I have to spend the gems again? I think that I will have to but I wanted to make sure.

Thank you!

You can’t unmatch with someone to match with a counterpart. Once you’ve matched with them, the counterpart is no longer available to you and you’re stuck with who you first matched with. If you unmatch with them, they’ll just go back to the card stack and once you swipe right on them again, you’ll rematch and pick up where you left off.

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Ohhhhh :frowning: that’s sad, I did not know about that.

Thank you so much for letting me know ^^