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About Daily Missions


First a stupid question: do the darts we miss still count for the mission of firing darts? The question just came to mind and I never noticed it.

Second, we all assume the DNA reward is going to change. When that happens, does anyone have any idea or information if the missions will reset? This is important, 'cause if they don’t, all players that don’t need more Alanqa DNA should stop doing even the easy missions for a while so that they are easier to complete for the next DNA…

  1. yes
  2. no idea

I think a lot of players are understimate the dna of alanqa for alankylosaurus, that legendary it’s a good dino and doesn’t mean that if alanky isn’t in the meta it’s a waste. i’m thankfully for the alanqa dna because i have in mind to lvl up the legendary


Agree. This dino is not very good at the moment but keep in mind :
1 : his moveset is good and he has a real potential
2 : he can have a superhybrid at any point

I’m pretty happy to gather more DNA and for now we don’t know anything about a potential change.


I actually use Alanky and I’m collecting it when I can (just have to skip days after 13 Incubator missions)… But I’m curious to know which dna will be next… and I’ll soon start to save coins for leveling up others on my team.