About Ferocity Algorithm

Eventhough I have been playing this game for a few months, I am new to this forum. Could you please share your expertise in clarifying the Ferocity Algorithm? Currently, the Top 10 of my line up consists of 7x level 10 Indo, then 1x Level 20 Draco, and 2x Segno. Is the overall calculation of ferocity for me based on the "top 3 creatures = Indo + Draco + Segno, or is it based on the 3 Indos. Thank you in advance.

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It is based on your top three creatures: the indoraptors.


You should take a look at this clarification made by the master Sionsith. It’s extremely helpful.


Thank you very much, i now have a much better idea in terms of how to improve my squad (or shall I say pack or herd) of Dinos… Just hybridised Zalmonodon last night, I will carry on adding more of em, and then work on farming more Dimetrocarnus + making of Cerazinosaurus…

Vote metriaphodon for the march madness tournament if you need pteros.

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Yes Ive voted Metria, strongest flyer!

These can also be helpful if you are an auditory learner…

Ferocity Tutorial (Part 1) - What Is Ferocity & Why It Is So Important - JWTG Episode 26 HD

Head Into The Light, It’s Amazing (Ferocity part 2) - JWTG Episode 151 HD


There’s a match madness survey? I haven’t seen it. I only see this, but when i tap continue, it just takes me to the game.

It’s a poll somewhere else on this forum, voted earlier

I think the real in-game poll launches Monday. Maybe…


I reckon it is monday; I heard many people saying that it was on the 7th…

Gotta love Chris bro. This man makes some crazy comprehensive stuff for us.


Yes just seen the vids, very methodical, factual and so informative, thank you Chris V.

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