About gen 2 dinos


so there are some dinosaurs that have a second generation. to name them : baryonix, triceratops, trex, irritator, ankylosaurus, monolophosaurus, stygimoloch, koolasuchus, diplocaulus, erlikosaurus, dimetrodon, t.rex, purussaurus, dracorex, spinosaurus and dilophosaurus.
however there is a problem with this. except from ankylosaurus and irritator (and maybe spinosaurus but i have my doubts) ; their second gen forms are completely worthless. most of these creatures gen 1 forms are really sought after because they are hybrid materials, and when this material is epic (like t.rex,baryonx, stygmoloch or monolophosaurus) they are extremely hard to find. however their second gen versions are easier to find (especially monolophosaurus gen 2 everywhere) but they are worthless.
i think we should be able to generate gen 1 dna from gen 2 dna like hybriding dinos but with only one type of dna required. for example like hybriding, after level 5 you can be able to spend 50 triceratops gen 2 dna and 20 coins to get 10-100 triceratops dna. or you may even decrease this number to balance things out but as it is, there is absolutely no point wasting darts on triceratops gen 2, monolophosaurus gen 2, dimetrodon gen 2 and so on. they are just decoratives on the map. please make this a reality


Sawed after? :joy::joy::joy: do you mean sought


i am not a native english speaker thank you for your correction i will correct it


Sorry I’m just picturing dinos running around carrying saws :joy:


i have only heard the word before, have not seen it written. i knew it was sounded like sawed after so i went for it.